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Ranger Keys in Gosei's Command Center in Power Rangers Megaforce

UPDATED 6/26/14
Thanks to @Razzle1337 and Fury Damond of Ranger Crew Blog for the screen captures. Also to @Razzle1337 for identification of the teams.
 Power Rangers producers probably do NOT expect fans to screen cap images and nitpick on details. Like for one, they use the Goseiger cards instead of new American cards. And I am obsessed with the Ranger Keys and they have Ranger Keys in the headquarters. There are 18 teams in the headquarters but it seems that the same teams are each row. I think the key props are newly created props.

They are indeed like the Ranger Keys from Gokaiger but at closer detail, the fat thing in the middle is more like a belt and not like the Keys that have it thicker and with nails. The Time Force ones have colored necks and not white necks. All of them have the triangles like Red on the chests and not their individual shapes. But I do like that Yellow has a skirt (black line) but maybe all the Yellow keys they created has skirts. So I think these are new American key props.

I only spotted MMPR, Zeo (close up thanks to JDF), Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, and Samurai. LG, LR and TF are in order but Mystic Force is next to Time Force.

Troy is looking at Mystic Force Yellow, which was originally male but has a skirt line on the figure which leads me to believe that all the Yellow Ranger Key props in this base have lines regardless of gender.

Also Samurai is next to Operation Overdrive. There seems to be only teams of Yellow-Blue-Red-Green-Pink and Yellow-Blue-Red-Black-Pink. I see no Crimson, Navy, White or Violet Keys, meaning there is no Ninja Storm, Jungle Fury, Wild Force or Aquitar. Also I did not see Green and Black together which would be RPM.

So what it could be that these are probably placeholders. They probably could only make 8 team sets and hoped no one noticed. Maybe for close ups, they will get the other ones. I think at least they tried. I counted 16 sets in all, so 8 sets twice.

Mystic Force Blue originally is light blue but here we see it is a regular blue like the others.

I recolored Mystic Force Blue to almost the same shade and added skirts to the Yellows.

At first I was disappointed that not all the Ranger teams are represented. But then I thought it through and on a TV standpoint, they really thought it through. If they couldn't do all 17 teams, they decided to make 8 to represent 16. If you think about it, if they did legit they would had to make 17 Red, 14 Blue, 17 Yellow, 11 Pink, 9 Green, 6 Black, 3 Light Blue, 3 White, 1 Navy, 1 Crimson and 1 Violet. They ended up making 40 original keys of only 6 colors and in total 80. They made 8 Red, 8 Blue, 8 Yellow, 8 Pink, 6 Green, and 2 Black and duplicated them.

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In late May 2013, JDF posted this pic of him next to the Zeo Ranger Keys, which are next to the MMPR keys. 

The 3 things I don't like about the Key-like Statue Props:
1 - All Yellow have skirt lines even if male
2 - Mystic Blue is regular blue here, not light blue
3 - Time Force Keys all have same symbol on chest.

If they would have to make legitimate Keys, for the 5 Rangers, there would be 84 keys.
17 - Red
14 - Blue
17 - Yellow (3 Male)
11 - Pink
9 - Green
6 - Black
3 - Light Blue
3 - White
1 - Navy
1 - Crimson
1 - Violet

Megaforce and possible Super Megaforce (based on Gokaiger) would be 94 keys together.

The Sixth Ranger Keys (according to Gokaiger) are 16:
2 Green
6 Silver
3 Gold
3 White
1 Red
1 Black

The Extra Hero keys and inclusion of Titanium, Shark, Elephant, Bat and Phantom Rangers, it makes the final count:
22 - Red
17 - Blue
19 - Yellow (3 Male)
13 - Pink
14 - Green
12 - Black
4 - Light Blue
8 - White
1 - Navy
1 - Crimson
1 - Violet
1 - Teal (Shadow Ranger)
UPDATED 3/1/14
Since it is now Super Megaforce, I've noticed new keys in the Command Center. Mind you, not when the Rangers are in there but the closeups. The closeups the keys look better and more like the Japanese props, most likely they are. Mystic Force Blue is a lighter color now. Ninja Storm and Megaforce (for obvious reasons) wasn't there previously. I wonder if the Thunder Rangers are there too. My guess is that this was post-production because I don't see any distinct colors in the HQ. Above pic from "Blue Saber Saga."
They didn't have close-ups of the Mystic Force keys before but I did notice Yellow had a skirt and Blue was darker. Here it looks like they lighten the key up a bit, not as the light shade as in the previous picture from Episode 3 "Blue Saber Saga". This closeup is from Episode 1 "Super Megaforce".
 NEW UPDATED 6/26/14
 Before Orion appeared, there was no six keys, just five. So out of nowhere, Sixth Ranger keys appeared. In Mighty Morphin Ranger Keys, the Green Ranger has appeared.
With the Time Force Keys (that now look accurate with the thick middle and accurate symbols on the chests) now include Quantum Ranger. 

 We never saw the Dino Thunder Keys before, they are obviously just five. White Dino Ranger Key glows. The reason that the MM Green Ranger, Quantum Ranger and White Dino Ranger keys are highlighted in "Silver Lining Part 2" because they are three that influence Orion's Q-Rex Megazord. The Quantum Ranger and Time Force inspired the drill mode, the Mighty Morphin and Green Ranger inspire the dinosaur mode and the White Dino Ranger and Dino Thunder inspire the Megazord mode.

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Unknown said...

The interesting thing to me is that while these appear to be ranger keys, they're really not at all. In some of these pictures you should be able to see the teeth from the key behind the figures' legs, but they're clearly not there. Either these are unfinished props, or they plan to do something completely new with the ranger keys, maybe as simple figures.