Thursday, July 11, 2013

ACG "Mystery Box" reveals Forever Red Cards

UPDATED 7/29/13
Andy of the Power Rangers Action Card Game (ACG) Facebook page asked fans if they wanted a sneak peak of a 'mystery box.' This mystery box just seems to be preview cards of the near future. He showed the bottom of two cards today that are not part of series 3. He has been showing Hope of Universe and San Diego Comic Con cards but this is neither. When asked if it was series 4, he just said the future.

I am trying to figure out where the act work comes from. The first card says to have Red Rangers from In Space, MM, Time Force, Turbo and Wild Force but fans says cards like that don't exist in Dice-O or Rangerstrike. Eddie Gallardo (@Egallardo36) says he spotted the Red Turbo Ranger belt to be from the Red Racer card above so the artwork could be from these of the Red Selection of Dice-O cards. But there is no Time Force nor Lost Galaxy but I think they put different card artwork together as one.

On the 24th, this was posted.

 On the 29th, this was posted. Red Alien Ranger falls under "Mighty Morphin."

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