Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Power Rangers Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit boxes

The Monolopy board has been revealed. I like that Aquitar and the headquarters of variouis seasons are there. Before they said it would come out in the summer, now they say 'coming soon.' Release date is still unknown.

Top row: Jungle Fury Temple, Ninja Storm temple, Lord Zedd, Inside SPD headquarters, Lightspeed Cycle (Incorrectly put as 'Strata Cycle'), Astro Megaship, Space shuttle (Incorrectly put as 'Mariner Bay Aqua Base', Morphin Grid from Operation Overdrive, Time Force clock tower.
Left row: Rita's Moon Palace, Xandred's ship, Tensou, Warstar ship, Phantom Ranger Ship, Power Boost, Divatox's ship, Rita Repulsa and Dark Fortress
Right Row: Power Chamber, Aquitar, Rootcore, Hartford Mansion, Supertrain, Terraventure, Dino Thunder Headquarters, Magna Defender and Animaria.
Bottom Row: Command Center, Dragon Dagger and Saba, Gosei, Alpha 5, Battlefleet (PROO), Cornith, Vrak, Juice Bar and Samurai Shiba House.

The box now includes Lauren instead of White Ranger.

 The six items are Morpher, Lighting Bolt, Goldar, Megazord, Alpha and White Ranger face.

 Trivial Pursuit, Lauren takes White Ranger's face.

Trivial Pursuit has questions from Power Force! They asked us to cover some seasons. I think it was like 5 of us per 4 seasons or something like that, the two movies was included and Aquitar was included as a season, separated from Season 3.

Original Box is one signed by Haim Saban


Webmaster Dan said...

It looks awesome, I hope It´ll come to latin america, by the way, I think in the monopoly board, the "Mesogog Headquartes" actually is the morphin grid as we saw it in operation overdrive

Unknown said...

Power Rangers Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit boxes. The Monolopy ...