Sunday, May 10, 2015

List of Mighty Morphin Green Power Ranger Figures

UPDATED 10/12/15
A fan wanted me to compare the Mighty Morphin figures, I did Red, now Green...
1993 8 inch Green Ranger
Came with Dragonzord, later he was packaged for Power Playback. It had a Titanus-like Dragonzord symbol in the center. Shield came off. Diamonds on cuffs.
1993 PVC Figure
Came with base and Dragon Dagger. Triangles on cuffs.
1994 Auto-Morphin Green Ranger
Shield came off, morph to Tommy, and titanus-like Dragonzord tattoo. Diamonds on cuffs.
2008 5 inch Power Rangers Jungle Fury/Super Legends figure
This was a chase (rare) figure that came with silver dragon dagger. First to have triangles on cuffs.
2009 Power Rangers RPM/Super Legends figure
Came out during RPM, shield didn't come off, no straps. Image from Linear Ranger.

Fully Articulated figure, shield comes off, comes with detailed Dragon Dagger and "Sword of Darkness." From Japan.
2010 4 inch Green Ranger
Didn't move much, came with black weapons.

2010 4 inch Green Ranger
More articulated, shield didn't come off (had straps), came with black weapons.
Lineaar Ranger compared 2008 5 inch to 2010 4 inch to Mix and Morph figure.
2010/2013 Mini Battle Ready Figure
Same figure used in 2010 MMPR line that Power Rangers Megaforce blind packs.


2010 Zord Vehicle
Came with Sabertooth Tiger Zord vehicle, armor was silver and gold.

2010 Dino Cycle
All Green body, white stripe and coin on body.

2010 Dragon Morphin figure
Ranger to dragon

2010 Morphin Figure
2010 Power Up Green Ranger
Toy-only power-up for the 2010 reversion.

2013 4 inch Limited Edition Green Ranger Figure SDCC
With detailed Dragon Dagger. San-Diego Comic Con Exclusive.

2013 Power Rangers Megaforce - Armored Might Green Ranger
Detailed Dragon Dagger and shield came off.

2014 Tokyo Vinyl figure
 Metallic version in NYCC 2014.

2014 Legacy Green Ranger Figure
Toys R Us Exclusive, detailed Dragon Dagger and silver stripe on helmet and silver morpher. Appeared in a coupon for the Action Hero figures before either came out in stores in most markets.

2014 Super Megaforce Action Hero
Gold morpher and gold dragon dagger.

2013 Megabloks figure
Black and Gold Blade Blaster.
2015 Fisher Price Imaginext
No shield and silver stripe and diamonds on cuffs.

Green Ranger Loyal Subjects
Tommy with ponytail underneath

Green Ranger Translucent SDCC 2015

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