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List of Mighty Morphin White Power Ranger Figures

UPDATED 10/12/15 9:00 PM EST
Covering the different White Ranger figures
1994 8 inch White Ranger
Shield came off, only white underneath and came with Tigerzord. Silver Saba.

Revvin Thunder Bike
Even though he didn't appear on the show or Dairanger, well they didn't appear on the show, but there was this small action bike.

1994 PVC Figure

1995 Auto Morphin White Ranger
Change to Tommy, came with White Blade Blaster, Saba and Lightning Bolt tattoo.

1995 Mcdonalds Movie figure

1995 Movie Edition Figure
Falcon symbol, metallic coating, shield came out, 8 inches.

1995 Auto Morphin Metallic Movie edition White Ranger
Came with metallic silver Tigerzord coin
White Ranger Shark Cycle
Released in 1995 and also 1997b for Power Playback. White body (no triangles), no calves and removable shield. Picture from:

1995 Talking 8 inch White Ranger

2008 Super Legends White Ranger
Gold triangle on chest, silver saba and removable shield. 5 inches.

2010 4 in. White Ranger
Even though the reversion was only Season 1, they released this in 2010, came with silver sbaa and coin.

2010 Dino Cycle Figure
Not realeased in many areas, not sure where it was released.
2010 Mini Battle Ready Figure
Released in the UK
2013 Power Rangers Megaforce Armored Might White Ranger
Articulated, gold diamond, came with cuffs, armor and semi-detailed Saba.

2013 Pop Vinyl Figure

2013 Power Rangers Megaforce Mighty Morphin Metallic White Ranger
Released in the UK.

2014 5 in. Legacy White Ranger figure
Toys R Us exclusive, detailed Saba.

Made in Japan, fully articulated, detailed Saba

2014 5 in. Super Megaforce Action Hero
Came with Silver Saba

2015 5 in. Legacy Movie Figure
Comes with detailed Saba and removable armor shoulder pads.

NYCC 2015 Tokyo Vinyl Metallic Exclusive
SDCC 2015 Tokyo Vinyl Exclusive
Comes with White Tigerzord
Loyal Subjects White Ranger

Loyal Subjects White Ranger SDCC 2015 Exclusive
Metallic with Lord Zedd

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