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Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - End of Extinction - Episode Review

 In Sledge's ship, Sledge says the eggs do more than hatch greenzillas, they are forming anchors on the ground to take Earth out off orbit apparently. The humans fight the Viviks in front of the museum. Fury demands the energems from Keeper and destroys the base. The main five Rangers rush in and blast him. The other Rangers come in and Fury retreats. Sledge sends a message telling him the ship will yank the Earth out of orbit to go to a planet called Kamen 5. (Kamen Rider, get it?) Ivan thinks it is impossible to get it out of orbit (it is). Sledge starts hauling it. Kendall explains it. In an hour, the Earth will freeze. Keeper says the Dark Energem should be destroyed. Riley asks if it came from darkness, if can a bright source can destroy it. Chase has an idea.

The Rangers morph. Chase, Koda, Ivan, Keeper, Shelby and Riley go in the Pterazord. The Rangers communicate to the world through screens telling them a plan to stop Sledge. Shelby's dad and Riley's brother listen. Kendall puts the Dark Energem on a satellite like device. Guards give people mirrors. Plesiozord is activated with Heckyl, Kendall, Zenowing, Tyler, James and Phillip inside. They take the satellite towards the sun. Chase tells the people of Earth (including Ivan's grandchild and Chas;s girlfriend) to prepare their mirrors. They then all face the mirrors up and the light is bright enough that it touches the Dark Energem. The Rangers blast at it and destroy it. The explosion creates a blackhole which swallows Sledge's ship. 

The Earth soon gets sucked up into the blackhole. It happens in a matter of seconds. Tyler gets on his knees. Heckyl can't believe it. Keeper says they can use the ultimate power of the Energems. They must throw their Energems into space. The Rangers de-morph and throw their energems into space. Keeper appears with them and joins them, making a circle and transports them through time. Heckyl says the legends are true. The Rangers go through the time portal with the zords. They appear on Earth back when Keeper first came with the Energems. Shelby finds the dinosaurs.

Keeper crash lands and Sledge has his bags of space rocks. Keeper unlocks the Energems when Shelby, Ivan, Koda, Chase and Riley arrive and explain who they are. He asks for proof, they call out for the Energems and they came to them. Sledge and Fury come. The five Rangers morph and call Dino Steel. Viviks are called and they fight them. Fury and Ivan fight, Fury is mad that he knows his moves. Fury gets the Energems, Sledge comes but it explodes. Tyler arrives with the real Energems. Fury dies. Ivan is glad his captor has met his end. Shelby asks Tyler where the others are. Tyler goes T-Rex Super Charge and fights Sledge. Sledge calls the Magna Beam, even though Tyler called it. He tries stepping on them. The other Rangers and Heckyl enter the ship and fight the Viviks. Heckyl hits a button and wraps Sledge with a green electro rope. James traps Poisandra. 

The others lock it on course and runs off. They escape on the Plesiozord while the ship hits the sun. Keeper (not sure which one if present or past) tells the Rangers they can return to their own time. Koda and Ivan want to go back home. The other Rangers are sadden but understand. A portal is created. Koda tells them they won't forwt them. Shelby says they are family forever. They all group hug except for the aliens. Koda and Ivan step through the portal. Tyler says it is their turn. Phillip and the others step through leaving Zenowing and Keeper. Tyler and Shelby hold ahnds. Keeper wants Zenowing and Heckyl to save Sentai 6 and protect the Dark Energem. Heckyl even gets a Keeper outfit. The two go through the portal. Keeper says order is resotred and steps through. The 8 Rangers arrive on Earth on their time. Kendall says to be called Kendall. Chase wants to take Kaylee to New Zealand. James wants to have adventures with Tyler. Tyler invites Shelby, she kisses him. Kendall says there is an emergency at the musuem.. which is now a dinosaur zoo. Sledge's asteriods never hit Earth. 

This episode is controversial with fans because it defies the canon and continuation of various Power Ranger seasons. Bascially dinosaurs weren't extinct and it cancels out Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Dino Thunder. But not really. For MMPR, the Dino Zords were just based on dinosaurs so they could still have them. And Dino Thunder, the Dino Gems were indeed from the past but they could've still been from the past. But it does cancel out Mesogog's plot to go back to 'the age of the dinosaurs.' Anyways, I think it was an appropriate ending for Dino Charge to back to the past. It was also a touching episode, especially at the end where they were parting ways. It would've been nice to see Koda and Ivan in their times but I guess they used up the budget with the original CGI of Pterazord and Plesiozord. 

As for the season in total, Dino Supercharge was uneven as it could have gone to more sprawling epic but it has going stand-alone episode. Stand-alone episodes would have been great if they grew the characters but the only ones that did that was Chase with Kaylee episodes. Tyler meeting his dad James could have been more of a big deal but it was done away with quickly, probably becuase of footage or probably because the New Zeland actor had an American actor dubbing over his voice. But all this stand-alone change was probably Executive meddling. But since the beginning, Dino Charge showed it wasn't going to be as easy to follow as Megaforce. Megaforce had a simple plot, if it even had a plot. Dino Charge had as much potential as Megaforce, it started out strong.

 I think Chip Lynn did a great job but the show is not without its faults. Kendall is the weakest character with no background or drive. It would have been nice to have a backstory. Lord Arcanon and Zenowing could had been introduced earlier to be more of a threat. Fans loved Heckyl and were hoping he would be Talon Ranger because of the Dark Energem. There was also plot problems and also scientific impossibilities (like the Earth getting off the orbit?). But this is Power Rangers, scientific impossibilites can be excused. While Megaforce let us down with so much potential, Dino Charge was different as it looked like it was beyond their control. Dino Charge also showed us a Neo Saban season didn't have to rely too much on Sentai footage (until the money ran out mid-way through this season it is obvious). 

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JakeN said...

Thank you for your reviews on this season.
As for my opinion on the last episode, I did like the fact that they returned in time, but I didn't like that they changed the future and dinosaurs still exist.
All in all, it was an awesome season, way... way... better than the previous.
Again, thank you for the reviews.