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Power Rangers Stats (2016)

* Subject to be outdated!

I first did this in 2009 and haven't updated since 2012, so here are some updates:

Red: 26 (All including Quantum, A-Squad, New Powers, Ninja Steel and Female Samurai)
Crimson: 1 (NS)
Orange (with) White: 2 (SPD &JF)
Yellow: 25 (Including A-Squad, Ninja Steel and New Powers)
Green: 17 (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, LG-TF, NS, SPD, MF, JF, RPM, Samurai, PRSM, New Powers, DC)
Blue: 25 (All , DCexcept...)
Light Blue: 4 (Aquitar, NS, MF, JF)
Navy: 1 (NS)
Pink: 21 (MMPR-TF, SPD-OO, PRS-PRNSteel and Pink Flash)
Violet: 2 (JF, DC)
Black: 16 (MMPR-Aquitar, Space, LG, WF, DT, SPD, OO, JF, RPM, PRM, DC, New Powers)
White: 7 (MMPR-Zeo, WF, DT, SPD, MF, Ninja Steel)
Silver (or) Grey: 9 (Space, LR, WF, SPD, OO, RPM, PRM, PRSM, DC)
Gold: 6 (Zeo, MF, RPM, PRS, DC, Ninja Steel)
Other Color Stats
  • 1 team with no Yellow (Dino Charge, Blitz--New Powers)
  • 3 teams with color scheme RedBlueYellowWhite, and Black (Aquitar, WF, DT)
  • 3 Non-Red Ranger led teams (MMPR, Aquitar, TF)
  • 4 teams with Red entering pre-existing team (LG, WF, OO, DC)
  • 5 female White Rangers (Aquitar, WF, Kat, MF, NSteel)
  • 4 male White Rangers (MMPR, DT, SPD, JF)
  • 13 Rangers with two colors [Gold RangerLunar WolfCrimson RangerNavy RangerShadow RangerOmega RangerKat RangerNova RangerSolaris KnightMercury RangerRhino RangerRanger Gold (RPM), Ranger Silver (RPM)]
  • 6 teams with no Pink Ranger (Aquitar, WF-DT, JF, RPM)
  • 12 teams with the color scheme RedBlueYellowGreen and Pink (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, LG-TF, NS, SPD, A-Squad, MF, PRS, PRSM)
  • teams with Green and Black (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, JF, RPM, DC)
  • teams with White and Black (MMPR, Aquitar, WF, DT, Blitz)
  • 26 teams with Red Ranger leaders (MMPR-LR, New Powers, WF-PRNS)

  • 2 Female Red (SPD, PRSS)
  • 2 Female Blue (PRNS, PRMF)
  • 3 teams with more than 2 females (SPD, MF, PRS)
  • 4 Male Yellow (Aquitar, Ninja Storm, Mystic Force, Ninja Steel)
  • 4 female leaders (Aquitar, TF, A-Squad, PRSS)
  • 4 Female White Rangers
  • 4 Male White Rangers
  • 6 blonde-hair male Rangers (Zhane, Hunter, Tyzonn, Dominick, Orion, Calvin)
  • 5 blonde Pink Rangers (MMPR-Turbo, LG, LR, & SPD, NSteel)
  • 13 blonde female Rangers (MMPR-LR, WF, NS, SPD, OO-PRSM, NSteel)
  • 6 teams with 1 female in main five (Aquitar, NS, DT, JF, RPM & DC)
  • 7 teams with female ally/mentor (Turbo, WF, DT, SPD, MF, RPM, DC)
  • 11 female Rangers without skirts [MMPR Yellow, Maya (PRLG), Kelsey (PRLR), Katie (PRTF), Taylor (PRWF), SPD-6]
  • 15 teams with 2 girls in main five
  • 31 female Rangers with skirts [MMPR PinkAquitarZeo-2Turbo-2Space-2Galaxy PinkDana (PRLR)Jen (PRTF)Alyssa (PRWF)Tori (PRNS)Kira (PRDT)Mystic-3PROO-2Lily (PRJF), RPM-2, PRS-3, PRM-2, PRSM-2, DC- 2.
  • 42 female Rangers (Kimberly, Trini, Aisha, Katherine, Delphine, Tanya, Cassie, Ashley, Maya, Kendrix, Karone, Kelsey, Dana, Katie, Jen, Alyssa, Taylor, Tori, Kira, Syd, Z, Kat, Nova, Charlie, A-Squad Pink, Udonna, Vida, Madison, Ronnie, Rose, Lily, Summer, Gema, Emily, Mia, Lauren, Gia, and Emma, Shelby and Kendall, Ninja Steel White and Pink.)

Team Stats
  • 1 team with two sisters (MF)
  • 1 series with restroom scene--no toilet! (SPD)
  • 2 team with no mentor (Space, LG)
  • 3 teams with a business (TF, JF, DC)
  • 2 teams with two brothers (LG, NS)
  • 3 teams with a sister and brother (Space, LR, PRS)
  • 2 series featuring a cousin(s) to a Ranger (NS, MF)
  • 3 series with a mother important to the plot (Zeo, LR, MF)
  • series with previous ranger team (MMPR, WF, SPD, MF, PRS, PRSM)
  • 4 teams connected with government (LR, TF, SPD, RPM)
  • 5 teams with mentor as Ranger (DT, SPD, MF, JF, DC)
  • 5 teams with Alien mentor (MMPR-Turbo, SPD, DC)
  • 4 Rangers with no Sentai counterparts (TitaniumElephantSharkBat)
  • 6 teams with a parent involved (LR, SPD, MF, OO, RPM, DC)
  • 6 teams with evil ranger(s) in team (MMPR, WF, NS, DT, SPD, MF)
  • 9 teams with team-power-ups (LG, DT, SPD, MF, JF, PRS, PRM, PRSM, DC)
  • 6 teams with sibling members (Space, LG, LR, NS, MF, PRS)
  • 8 series with shirtless scene [MMPR (Jason & Tommy), LG (Leo), LR (Ryan), WF (Merrick), NS (Shane), PRS (Mike, Kevin), PRM (Troy), PRDC (Tyler, Koda, Riley)]
  • 9 series with a father important to the plot (Zeo, LR, TF, SPD, MF, OO, RPM, PRS, PRDC)
  • 9 teams with alien member(s) (Aquitar, Space, LG, TF, B-Squad, A-Squad, OO, SM, DC)
  • 7 teams with no inter-Ranger romance (LG, Aquitar, LR, WF, B-Squad, A-Squad, OO)
  • 10 teams to lose powers at end (MMPR, Turbo-LR, WF-DT, RPM, DC)
  • 9 series where headquarters destroyed/trashed (MMPR, Turbo, LG-TF, SPD-OO, DC)
  • 11 Dino Charge Rangers (Counting Kendall and Albert)
  • 11 series with a scene w/ sleeping quarters (MMPR, Space, LG, WF, DT, SPD, JF, RPM, PRS, PRM, DC)
  • 11 Team-up Episodes (MMPR/Aquitar, Space/LG, LG/LR, LR/TF, TF/WF, Forever Red, NS/DT, DT/SPD, Once A Ranger, Clash of the Red Rangers, PRSM)
  • 13 teams with inter-Ranger romance (MMPR-Space, TF, NS, DT, MF, JF, RPM, PRS, PRM, DC)
  • 24 SPD Rangers

By the Number Stats
  • 2 series with 2 different leaders (MMPR, PRS)
  • 1 series with the most rangers (SPD)
  • 2 teams to end with 8 good members (MF, JF)
  • 3 teams to end with 5 members (Aquitar, DT, A-Squad)
  • 5 teams to start with three members (NS, DT, SPD, JF, RPM)
  • 8 teams to end with 6 members (Zeo-Space, LR-WF, MF, OO)
  • 19 teams to start with 5

Ethnicity Stats
  • 3 African-American leaders (Turbo, SPD, RPM)
  • 3 teams with no African-Americans (NS, MF, JF)
  • 3 teams with Spanish or Latino background Red Ranger (MMPR, WF, PRDC)
  • teams with no Asians (Aquitar, DT, SPD, MF)
  • teams with no Latinos (LG, LR, TF, JF, RPM, PRM)
  • 14 Caucasian leaders (All except Turbo, NS, SPD, MF, RPM, PRDC)

Arsenal/Zords Stats
  • team with 10 piece Megazord (OO, DC)
  • 2 Red Rangers to have bikes that the others don't have (MF, JF)
  • 2 teams with 2-piece blasters (Thunder Rangers, RPM)
  • 4 Non-Leaders with 'Battlizers' (BlueGreen LR, Quantum, PRS. DC)
  • 3 Non-Red Rangers to have a bike that the others don't have (Crimson NS, Blue DT, and Black
  • 3 teams with no individual-weapons (Aquitar, LR, A-Squad)
  • 5 teams with bazooka not made of individual weapons (MMPR, Turbo, SPD, JF, PRS)
  • 5 teams with no group-weapons (Aquitar, LG, A-Squad, MF, OO)
  • 5 teams to have girls whom have no bikes when the boys do (LG, SPD, MF, OO, JF)
  • 7 teams with six-piece zord combos (MMPR, Space, LR, WF, NS, SPD, RPM)
  • 8 Red Rangers without Battlizers (MMPR, Aquitar, Zeo, Turbo, LR, A-Squad, JF, RPM)
  • 10 un-manned zords (Titanus, Tor, Warrior Wheel, Delta M., Stratusforce, Centaurus, Shadow, Croczord, Whale Zord, Paleozord and Lightzord)
  • 10 Red Rangers with Battlizers (Space, LG, TF to OO, PRS)
  • 12 teams with 5-piece blasters (MMPR-Space, LR-DT, RPM, PRS, DC)
  • 11 teams with a second group Megazord (MMPR-Space, LR, WF, SPD-JF, DC)

Villain Stats
  • Demon-like villain group (LR, WF, PRS)
  • Mutant villains (TF, DT, PRM)
  • 2 Undead villains (MF, JF)
  • Series to have villains related to a Ranger (Space, LR and RPM)
  • 3 father/daughter teams (MMPR, LG, TF)
  • Mechanical villains (Zeo, TF, RPM, PRM)
  • 4 villains that happened to be fathers (Zeo, LG, TF, PRSM)
  • 3 villains that happened to be mothers (Zeo, LR, MF)
  • married villains [MMPR, Zeo (2), DC]
  • 4 female main villains (MMPR, Turbo, LG, LR)
  • villains that were related (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, LG, LR, TF, NS, MF)
  • 12 Alien villains (MMPR-LG, NS, SPD, OO, PRM-NSteel)
  • 10 series where villain becomes good (Space, LR-DT, MF, JF, RPM, DC)
  • 9 villain headquarters destroyed (MMPR, LG, LR, WF, DT, SPD, MF, OO, PRM)
  • 17 male main villains (Zeo, Space, LG, TF-PRNSteel)

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