Sunday, November 13, 2016

Power Rangers Uniform Stats 2016

Update from 2012
Let's look the common motifs of the suits. We are looking at 21 of them and not of the Sixth Rangers or the A-Squad SPD Rangers.
White cuffs and Boots combo: 6
White gloves: 14
White Boots: 8
Ranger-color gloves and boots combo: 6
Ranger-color gloves: 6
Ranger-color boots: 15
Gold cuff over boot or glove: 6 (Zeo, LR, Wild, DT, RPM Black and Green and Megaforce)
Silver cuff over boot or glove: 7 (TF, SPD, OO, RPM Red, Yellow and Blue, PRS Mega Mode, Super Megaforce and Dino Charge)
Black cuff over boot or glove: 4 (Turbo, NS, MF, PRS)
White Belts: 4 (MMPR, Turbo, Space, Galaxy)
Gold Belts: 11 (Aquitar, Zeo, LR, Wild, Dino, Mystic, RPM Black and Green, PRS, Megaforce, Super Megaforce and Ninja Steel)
Silver Belts: 4 (SPD, OO, RPM Red, Blue and Yellow, Dino Charge)
Black Belts: 2 (Time Force, Ninja Storm)

White Hostlers: 4 (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, Space)
Gold Hostlers: 6 (Aquitar, LR, Wild, Dino, Mystic, RPM, Megaforce, Ninja Steel)
Silver Hostlers: 3 (SPD, OO, RPM)
No Hostlers: 3 (Time, Ninja, Jungle, Super Megaforce)

Helmets with Lips molds: 7 (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, Galaxy, TF, PRS Mega Mode, Megaforce)
Helmets with blank mouth piece: 8 (Aquitar, Space, Wild, NS, DT, SPD, JF, PRS, DC)
Helmets with grey mouth molds: 10 (MMPR, Turbo, Space, Galaxy, TF, WF, SPD, OO, PRS Mega, Megaforce)
Helmet with no lips mold: 4 (MF, LR, RPM, PRS)
Helmet with Ranger-color mouth piece: 5 (Zeo, NS, DT, JF, PRS, SM, Ninja Steel)
Helmet with Black visor: 18 (except for Time Force)
Helmet with ranger-color visor: 1 (Time Force)
Uniforms without gold: 6 (MMPR, Turbo, TF, SPD, OO, JF)

Uniforms with gold in it: 12 (Aquitar, Zeo, Space, Galaxy, LF, WF, NS, DT, MF, RPM, PRS, Megaforce to Ninja Steel)
Uniforms without silver: 7 (Aquitar, Zeo, LR, DT, MF, JF, PRS except Gold)
Uniforms with Silver in it: 11 (MMPR, Turbo, Space, Galaxy, TF, WF, NS, SPD, OO, RPM, Gold Samurai, Megaforce)
Uniforms without Black in it, not including helmet: 2 (Lightspeed Rescue, MMPR except black) -- Wild Force and OO have tiny bits of black.
Uniforms with Morpher present: 6 [MMPR, Time Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD (Omega and Nova), and RPM Black/Green]
Gold Buckle: 12 (MM Green, MM White, Alien, Zeo, Space, Galaxy, LR, WF, NS, DT, MF, RPM, Samurai, Megaforce, Super Megaforce, Ninja Steel)
Silver Buckle: 5 (MMPR, SPD, PROO, TF, Turbo)
Yellow Buckle: 1 (Dino Charge)

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