Thursday, July 20, 2017

Toys and Busts announced during Bandai Power Hour at SDCC

Bandai and Saban Brands had a "Power Hour" panel at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con 2017) and because new stuff was going to be revealed, there was nothing new we didn't already know was coming on the Bandai floor (like Legacy Zeo figures). this is what was revealed...

Bandai Booth:

Pics from Power Rangers Now

PCSToys Collectibles:
Mini Bust Lord Drakkon

Upcoming Busts:


Titanus and Megazord

Thunder Megazord and Pirantis
Wasn't his name Pirantishead?

Current line even though I haven't see the Tigerzord Warrior before in stores.

Legacy Wars:
Ninjor, my nephew Jaiden wants it NOW. He loves Ninjor!!!

Funko Pop Mighty Morphin Red with Dragon Shield, I think this is a FYE exclusive.

Legacy Items:


Golden Power Staff

Legacy Psycho Rangers, unknown if all of them will be released, everyone is excited about this! 

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