Thursday, July 20, 2017

Power Tropes: Turning into a Statue

I've been reading a lot of TV Tropes and got some free time so decided to cover some tropes (common writing themes used in popular culture) in Power Rangers. Since Power Rangers been running for almost 25 years and Sentai for 42, lots of plots have been reused. I will be covering Sentai later as there is a lot more series to go through. I decided I won't do big tropes that were done less than twice like evil sisters (Astronema and Tenaya).

Zeo (1996)
In "The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold," the Midas Hound turned Jason into a gold statue.

Lost Galaxy (1999)
In "Mean Wheels Mantis," Kendrix and Maya are turned into gold trophies by the villain. Also when the planet Mirinoi turned to stone.

 Wild Force (2002)
Wedding Dress Org turned women into mannequins.

SPD (2005)
Mora has a monster turn humans into dolls. 

Mystic Force (2006)
A monster turned Madison into stone which was from Magiranger.

Dino Supercharge (2016)
A monster turns the majority of the team into stone except for Shelby, James and Phillip. 

Let me know if I missed any. 

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Lisa St. John said...

You forgot when Miranoi was turned to stone.