Sunday, October 10, 2010

Girl Power Week: The Power of Yellow

Going over the female Rangers by colors, if they had skirts and what about their costumes were different. Like I have said before, not all yellow rangers are female in Super Sentai, there has been 13 female yellow rangers while more than that have been male. In Power Rangers, 5 male Rangers have become female, as I have stated before.

Yellow Four (Bioman-1984)
Like Pink, she had an underwear-like like shape unlike the male rangers that had a short-shape, but no skirt to speak of. She was the first female Yellow Ranger after 9 years of the show running.

Yellow Flash (Flashman-1986)
She and Pink were like the Bioman women that had underwear-like shapes, but had white legs, unlike their male counterparts. Their male counterparts had ranger-color legs with black stripes. They only had ranger-color at the crotch area for a lack for a better term. The year before Changeman had no yellow.

Yellow Maskman (Maskman, 1985)
Just like their Maskman brethen, Pink and Yellow had Ranger-color legs, only difference was a skirt with white trim, that ended in an arrow shape.

Five Yellow (Fiveman, 1990)
There had been no female Yellow Ranger in a while, she and her sister had no skirt and no real difference to their brothers.

Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger (1993-1995, 2010)
Tiger Ranger of Zyuranger was male, but changed to female in MMPR. She is the first female Yellow Ranger to have no skirt and not the last.

Yellow Ninja Ranger (MMPR, 1995)
In the movie and season 3, Aisha's ninja outfit had a skirt-like felt sticking out of her belt just like pink. This outfit was exclusive to Power Rangers.

Oh Yellow (Ohranger, 1995) / Zeo Ranger II (Zeo, 1996)
In Ohranger, she and Pink had a skirt with gold trim, same color throughout. In Zeo, she was the first female Yellow Ranger to have a skirt.

Yellow Racer (Carranger, 1996) / Yellow Turbo Ranger (Turbo, 1997)
Both had skirt with no trim, same ranger-color throughout.

Mega Yellow (Megaranger, 1997) / Yellow Space Ranger (In Space, 1998)
Both had skirt with no trim, same ranger-color throughout.

Neji Yellow (1997) / Psycho Yellow (1998-1999)
I mentioned the Hanarangers, might as well mention Pyscho yellow. She had no skirt.

Yellow Galaxy Ranger (Lost Galaxy, 1999)
Just like MMPR Yellow before her, her Sentai counterpart was male so hence no skirt.

Yellow Lightspeed Ranger (PRLR, 2000)
Third Male Yellow Ranger from Sentai to be gender-changed, no skirt. For Mcdonalds, she got a skirt in the toy and promotional illustration.

Yellow Ranger (Time Force, 2001)
Fourth to be gender changed, no skirt.

Yellow Ranger (Wild Force, 2002)
Fifth and last to be gender changed from male to female, no skirt.

Abare Yellow (Abaranger, 2003) / Yellow Ranger (Dino Thunder, 2004)
First female Yellow Ranger in little of six years or so in Sentai, she was the first female Yellow Ranger to have a skirt in Power Rangers in the same amount. She had a skirt with no trim, same color throughout. The year before Ninja Storm had the second male Yellow Ranger ever.

Deka Yellow (Dekaranger, 2004) / Yellow Ranger (SPD, 2005)
No skirt for the SPD girls, costume same as all.

Bouken Yellow (Boukenger, 2006) / Yellow Ranger (PROO, 2007)
Same as the others, white and ranger-color, she had a skirt with no trim. In Disney World, she had a meet and greet character. She is the third and last female Ranger to do regular meets and greets.

Geki Yellow (Gekiranger, 2007) / Cheetah Ranger (Jungle Fury, 2008)
She had a skirt with a split on the side. Each Ranger had different patterns.

Go-On Yellow (Go-Onger, 2008) / Ranger Yellow (RPM, 2009)
She had a skirt with no trim. She was the second female Yellow Ranger gone solo in a team.

Shinken Yellow (Shinkenger, 2009) / Yellow Ranger (Samurai, 2011)
She had a skirt with no trim, black designs on top and black legs, just like Pink and Red.

Gosei Yellow (Goseiger, 2010)
All her teammates had white legs, she was no exception, she has a white skirt with yellow trim.

Keep going... there's more!

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Actually, I really hate yellow male. Male in yellow tight custom seems really disgusting. Some of them also seems SEXY, like turbo yellow, tiger ranger and gogo yellow