Sunday, October 10, 2010

Girl Power Week: The Power of White

Going over the female Rangers by colors, if they had skirts and what about their costumes were different. The female White Rangers are the only ones to have the word White in their hero name, unlike all male White Rangers so far that doesn't have the word White in their name.

Change Mermaid (Changeman, 1985)
All the Changeman had white vests, but since Change Mermaid was white, she had pink trims to separate her ranger color. Pink had white underwear-like pants, so thats why she has it too with the pink trim. She is the first white female ranger, the first White Ranger all together was Big One.

White Swan (Jetman, 1991)
Just like Change Mermaid, she had pink instead of white (the common thread in the Jetmen) because her main color was white. The male Rangers had ranger-color underwear and the girls had skirts. While Blue had blue skirt with yellow trim, White Swan had white skirt with yellow trim and pink legs.

Ninja White (Kakuranger, 1994) / White Aquitar Ranger (Aquitar Rangers, 1996)
Her costume had no real change than the male ones, where she has a plain skirt with no trim, same color as the rest of her outfit---white. Unlike other female White Rangers, she has no pink.

Gao White (Gaoranger, 2001) / White Wild Force Ranger (Wild Force, 2002)
Like past female White Rangers before her, she has pink trim (except Ninja White of course). The other male Rangers had ranger-color legs, she did too but just pink trim. So her skirt was white with pink trim, pink color and some pink in her helmet.

Deka Swan (Dekaranger-2004) / Kat Ranger (SPD-2005)
If you watched Swan Swan closely in Dekaranger, you could see her Ranger suit underneath her coat. She transformed two times in Dekaranger. Kat only transformed once in SPD. Her helmet has some swan feathers part but it kind of look like a cat, making me believe it was pre-ordained by Bandai America or Disney to make her look cat like for SPD. My own theory, not supported by any fact. It has orange but considered to be a White Ranger, she had orange, white and black.

Magi Mother (Magiranger, 2005) / White Mystic Ranger (Mystic Force-2006)
She was the first to transform in both series. Hers was different from the others but had the stripes like the others. Her skirt had three points and rounded out in the back. Her boots like big pointy parts going up. Her legs were just blank white like the other two females. Her helmet was much like the head of MagiMermaid/Mermaid Titan.

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