Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Power Rangers Christmas Ornaments

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ornament Ball
1994, one side has the five Rangers, other side has the logo.

VR Troopers Ornamanet
1994, I do not know if more were made, most likely the Ryan one is made. Above is the JB one. I bought this one off eBay.

Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger Ornament
1995, she held a Christmas reef.

Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Ornament
1995, he held a Christmas tree.

Mighty Morphin Black Ranger Ornament
1995, he held a stocking.

Mighty Morphin White Ranger Ornament
1995, he held a present, I remember seeing Blue and Pink but can't find a pic, don't remember what they were holding. I believe Pink was holding a candy cane.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Ornament
2003, from Hallmark by Disney, Red Ranger only.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Ornament
2004, from Hallmark by Disney, Red Ranger with Raptor Rider only.

Power Rangers SPD Space Alien Alert Badge Ornament
Badge containing Red, Blue and Green Rangers.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Ornament
2008, light-up Disney Store Exclusive ornament.


Luca said...

The one of Connor looks AWESOME!!! (although the proportions on some of the other ones bother me)

Unknown said...

Anyway i can buy the 1995 red power ranger holding the christmas tree? Brings back old childhood memories and would make an amazing gift for my brother???