Friday, April 15, 2011

Tomboys/Serious Girls

UPDATED 7/31/14
Diane Martin / Miss America I
An FBI agent who joined the Fever team to avenge her father Bosner, who was slain by Egos. She is armed with throwing knives. She does a disco dance. After she was wounded by the Dracula Monster, she returned to the United States.

María Nagisa / Miss America II
An FBI agent trained by Diane Martin's father. Maria takes her place as Miss America.

Mika/Yellow Four
Mika was originally a photographer who was hesitant at first to join Bioman. She was the more hard driven female of the two. In fact, she was the first female yellow ranger.

Jun/Yellow Four
Tomboy, did fall for a man. The decision to join Bioman led to conflict with her olympic dreams at first.

Tsubasa/Change Phoenix
A Motorcyclist and tomboy originally an EDS reconnaissance officer.

Haruka/Mask Yellow
forced to abandon girly, smart and tough

Remi/Five Yellow
gymnast and dancer and Kung-fu, bad at housework

Ako/Blue Swallow of Jetman
She was a tomboy high school student who wanted to be paid first.

Tsuruhime/Ninja WhiteFirst female leader. She knew how to hold four boys in a row. She wasn't super feminine, strong and expert in some areas.
Juri/Oh Yellow
She was tough and serious. Juri was not afraid of spying and pretending she allied to the enemy. Juri was much more stern and responsible than Momo.
Natsumi/Yellow Racer
She was a mechanic. In a flashback, we are shown she was always technical minded and didn't get along with boys as she was strong and fought back.

I hear she was tomboyish.
Yuuri of Timeranger
I don't think she is very popular now, but I know back in 2000 when Timeranger aired, many fans were crazy about Yuuri, the hurt but tough as nails leader of Timeranger.

Ranru Itsuki / Abare Yellow
A technology brain and formally trained idol. Yatsudenwani had a crush on her.

Jasmine of Dekaranger
I think Jasmine is more popular in US than Japan, I mean Umeko is more popular in Japan, but Jasmine was pretty alluring and tough that attracts fans. She is strong and is an ESPer.

Sakura (Bouken Pink)
She was real serious, almost didn't laugh or smiled. She was rich but trained by military or something and was very stern but in love with Akashi.

Ran Uzaki/Geki Yellow
She was definitely a tomboy. While many don't agree that she was the leader. But Master ShaFu did call her 'captain' of the Gekiranger. So some people think that means she was captain in charge of getting new members. But she did lead the team. The others always ask her for her approval or input.

Miu (Go-On Silver)
She was sort of a tomboy, as she was like her brother.

Moune (Gosei Yellow)She was sort of a tomboy, bubbly and sweet too.

Luka Milfy of Gokaiger
So far, Luka seems to be the front runner for the most popular heronie. Ahim is cute and sweet, but I think Luka gots us with her exotic looks and love for money. She is also tough as nails and we love how she always bugs Don.
 Yoko Usami of Go-Busters
Yoko is more comfortable with the guys as she is very athletic and active.
Amy of Kyoryuger
The most girlish of the team as she was the only girl. She was considered a tomboy but she wore short shorts and skirts.

Mio of Toqger
Mio is considered sporty and manly but she's good at housework. She is popular with boys. She is very uncomfortable with the idea of romance.



BlueDolphin said...

u could do another article on the serious and femnine females of power rangers..that would be nice. :)

Hallwings said...

Your mileage may vary, but to me, Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin of Liveman seems to be tomboyish (at least compared to the robotic Colon). Come to think of it, all of the female blues seem to be tomboyish (again, YMMV).

And also, Chisato Jougasaki/MegaYellow seems to be the tomboy of Megaranger, at least compared to Miku.

Luca said...

If I could change Sentais to make the colors of the female rangers more diverse (I'm only going to mention the Disney onward ones because those are the ones I'm most familiar with):

Hurricanger: I'd keep blue as she is since the dolphin is the most feminine of the given motifs. Notice: By motif I don't mean zord. I mean the whole costume design and weapons. Also, I'd like to note that Hurricanger is probably homage to SunVulcan. (Think about it. It's the first season since to at least start of with 3 animals. Red is a bird, yellow is a cat, and blue is a sea animal.) The colors and genders go well with the animals and elements, so I really can't think of a way to change it.

Abaranger: I'd probably keep it as it is. It's obvious homage to Zyuranger (but with way less tacky costume design). Red and blue have the same dinosaur, and black and yellow were replaced with dinosaurs. (Black with a large herbivore, like what it once was anyways. Pink was given the pteradactyl (not really a dinosaur, but close enough to fool whoever isn't an expert)because she was made female and that's what motif the female Zyuranger had. If I was forced to change anything, I'd make yellow male. Then I'd have to add on a pink hadrosaur female, and then probably a green raptor male since most Sentai are odd numbers.

Magiranger: Obviously hard to change genders here since the motifs are very gender-based. I obviously can't make any of the females male, and there's too many females for me to want to change one of the males to female (if I did, it would be yellow or shine.) Oh, now I remember why I was considering yellow. I was thinking of switching his color with pink because pink(which I view as an energetic color) reminds me of lightning. Still, I think a pink male would be too controversial.

Dekaranger: Yellow and green should switch colors. That way it would make more since because the numbers 1, 2, and 3 would be the 3 primary colors. Yellow is an optimistic color that would fit Senichi well. Green is the color of a jasmine, Yellow's namesake, and the color green also represents paranormal.

Boukenger: Just have yellow be male. It's as simple as that. It's not just the zord, but the whole motif.

Gekiranger: Surprisingly, the cheetah is the most feminine of the motifs. So yeah I'd keep yellow as female. I wouldn't switch her color with violet because the sentai has to begin with the 3 primary colors. If I had to make her male, I'd add on a pink female ranger probably based on a rodent or small ungulate of some sort.

Go-Onger: Switch colors of yellow with blue. Lions and buses are both primarily thought of as yellow. I'd also switch the genders of green and silver. Tigers and silver are a slight bit more masculine than orcas and green.

Shinkenger: I'd probably just change Yellow's zord to a smaller cuter primate like a monkey to reflect her personality. If I was forced to change something about the rangers themselves, I'd make yellow male (and keep the ape).

Goseiger: Make yellow male. The female yellow tiger is obvious homage to Zyuranger. Then I might add on a female white ranger based on a dolphin or maybe a crane.

Goukaiger: I'm liking them how they are but if I was forced to change something, I'd switch colors between yellow and green.

Unknown said...

Is the actress who played Luka part Caucasian? She looks like a White girl and it's my understanding that the Japanese are facinated by people of other races.

CB the Red Caboose said...

@ the last Unknown: Isn't it kind of rude to speculate about things like that?

We can probably add Yoko Usami/Yellow Buster to the list of tomboyish heroines

KAT349 said...

You didn't included Amy from Kyoryuger and Mio from ToQger

Lavender Ranger said...

KAT349, look at the date I wrote this.