Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Yellow and not Pink in MegaBloks and 300 Followers

This might be late but I just realized we at Henshin Grid have 300 Followers now!

I have noticed that fans have been asking as to why in Power Rangers Samurai line from Mega Bloks has released (and planning to release) more Yellow than Pink. For example, the Yellow Ranger Ape Folding Zord set has been released and soon they are planning to release the Yellow Ranger Hero Pack, and in the upcoming blind pack series 2 a Mega Yellow and training yellow.

But as for Pink, no Hero Pack or Turtle Folding Zord has been announced. In the current blind pack, a rare figure is Mega Pink and in the upcoming, there will be regular Pink Ranger, which will probably be a rare too.

Mega Bloks made figures of the Yellow Mystic Force Ranger.  In Power Rangers, only Aquitar, Ninja Storm and Mystic Force have had male Yellow Rangers. But as I have mentioned before---five female rangers were originally male in Super Sentai and they were MMPR, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force and Wild Force. 

 There have been around the same amount of male Yellows as female Yellows in Sentai. In Gokaiger, when Luka (female) became male ones, a skirt was added, so now we have seen every yellow ranger with a skirt--including those who didn't have one in Power Rangers.

Some people have mentioned that yellow is a less 'girl color' than pink. I admit that pink is more associated with girls in American, Japanese and other cultures. Since yellow has been a unisex color in Sentai, I think yellow is more 'excusable' than pink for a boy's product. I said boy's product, because even though I think colors are for everyone, I accept that these are the 'acceptable' colors for boy's toys in the US. There has yet to be an official pink ranger in Sentai or Power Rangers. In fact, the male Gokaiger became pink rangers not in the series but in the Gokaiger vs. Gavan movie and word is that it was brief. So male pinks are still not super accepted. 

Even though I think pink being equated to only one gender as silly, I will admit American boys wouldn't be keen at buying a pink ranger toy. Today I went to Target and saw the Bandai trading cards with mini figures and it was almost empty---only two were left and they were PINK RANGERS! Back in the day with Micro Machines, they had a Pink Ranger set. They make less Pink and Yellow Rangers than the male ones in Bandai; and they only make 4 or so figures, compared to the males getting over 20 with cycles and such. 

So the only way I see us getting Pink Ranger Mega Bloks sets is if they sell them with a male set. If you notice, in most Megazords, we see little pink. Most zords belonging to Pink Rangers have little pink. Because boys don't want to see much pink in their toys. One exception is a faux paux of Bandai America was to change the White Shogunzord to pink in the Shogun Megazord. In PRS McDonalds toys, the Samurai Megazord has a yellow arm but the Pink Ranger arm is black with little pink.

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