Thursday, February 16, 2012

Last Round of Gokaiger Stage Show Pics

Rubber Sabre

Gokai Pink vs. Akaranger

Gokai Green as Go-On Green and Gokai Pink as DekaPink

GokaiRed as Shinken Red

Gokaiger as Abaranger

Gokai Red as Magi Red

 Gokaiger as Magi Pink, Deka Green, Gao Red, Bouken Blue and Geki Yellow

 Green as GekiRed

 Blue as GoseiRed

 Pink as Hime Shinken Red

 Yellow as Go-On Red


Paolo1350 said...

If I ever get the chance to have a photo with them, I want to hug Gokai Pink!

Unknown said...

I really want to cosplay as gokai pink and I'm really curious about the material the suits armade of

Lavender Ranger said...

karen, me too