Thursday, February 16, 2012

Holy Schmidt! PINK and YELLOW Shogun Mode!

 Today I was drawing the different modes of everyone and really thought this would never happen. Oh my god!!!! This is so awesome. We might not get toys but this is thrilling. So this will give more change to use seeing Female Red using the Shogun Mode. I think this is why they made these--for female Red to use it.

Battle Mode Photo Album on Power Rangers

 For International people who can't view of the USA, can see all the pics here:!/media/set/?set=a.284618788270046.65051.100001657824501&type=3


Renegade Tom said...

because i live in UK i cant gain access to the site... can you upload the pics please? or at least onto facebook

Lavender Ranger said...

k. facebook.

Renegade Tom said...

thanks lavender!! oh btw i'm tommy davias on facebook

Unknown said...

Notice how Samurai is the first season to avoid the law of chromatic superiority. Pink and Yellow get Mega Mode, Super Mode and seemingly Shogun Mode too. In fact the only thing Red gets that the others don't is Shark Mode. And theoreticly Pink and Yellow should be able to use that too.

I still don't like Samurai though. :P