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Power Rangers DVD Releases #4 (Saban 2011-Now)

UPDATED 2/5/14 12 AM EST
I decided to make a catalog of various VHS and DVDs. It was hard to find pictures of everything. But I tried. Some images and info are from http://powerrangersmediainfo.blogspot.com/  The following includes not only Samurai but Megaforce and the complete boxsets are the past 20 seasons.

Power Rangers Samurai: The Team Unites
 "Origins Part 1", "Origins Part 2", "The Team Unites" and "Deal with a Nighlok"
Bonus Features: "Auditions" Featurette,  "Train Like a Ranger" Video, "Power Ranger Swarm" Video, and Character Gallery

Power Rangers Samurai: A New Enemy
 "Day Off", "Sticks & Stones", "A Fish Out of Water" and "There Go the Brides"
Bonus Features: Bloopers Featurette, "Ask a Ranger" Featurette, and Weapons Gallery

Power Rangers Samurai: A Team Divided
"I've Got a Spell on Blue", "Forest for the Trees", "Test of the Leader", and "Jayden's Challenge"
Bonus Features: Cast Interviews, "Power Rangers Dubstep" Video and Character Gallery

Power Rangers Samurai: Sixth Ranger
"Unexpected Arrival", "Room for One More", "The Blue and the Gold" and "Team Spirit"
Bonus Features:  "Bloopers" Featurette", "Ask a Ranger" Featurette" and "Train Like a Ranger" Video
Power Rangers The Ultimate Duel
"The Tengen Gate", "Boxed In", "Broken Dreams" and "The Ultimate Duel"
Bonus Features: Character Gallery,  "Mega" Flash Mob Video, "Everyday Fun" Music Video and "Train Like a Ranger" Video
 Power Rangers Samurai: Complete Season
Released January 2014, all 20 episodes of the first season.

Power Rangers Samurai: Monster Bash
   "Party Monsters" with Bonus Features: MMPR S1: "Life's a Masquerade" and MMPR S1: "Trick or Treat" and "Halloween Safety" Video

Power Rangers Samurai: Christmas Together Friends Forever
 "Christmas Together, Friends Forever" and Bonus Features include the MMPR Episode "I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger" and PR Zeo "A Season to Remember", Mega Bloks Holiday Toymation, "Train Like a Ranger" Video and finally "Power Ranger Swarm" Video

 Power Rangers: Clash of the Red Rangers the Movie
Not only the 45 minute special but Special Features include The Power Rangers MEGA Album Playlist Video, "Train Like a Ranger" Video, "Bloopers" Featurette and "Auditions" Featurette; Also included a RPM Ranger Red ACG Promo Trading Card

Power Rangers Super Samurai: The Super Powered Black Box
Includes episodes "Super Samurai", "Shell Game", "Trading Places" and "Something Fishy"
Bonus Features: "Everyday Fun" Music Video and Character Gallery

Power Rangers Super Samurai: Super Showdown
"The Rescue", "The BullZord", "He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother" and "Kevin's Choice"
Bonus Features: "Everyday Fun" Music Video and Weapons Gallery

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Power Rangers Super Samurai: Rise of the Bullzooka
"Runaway Spike", "The Strange Case of the Munchies", "A Sticky Situation" and "Trust Me"
Bonus Features: Behind the Scenes of "Power Rangers Super Samurai", "Power Rangers MEGA Flash Mob" Video and Weapons Gallery

Power Rangers Super Samurai: Secret of the Red Ranger
"The Master Returns", "A Crack in the World", "Stroke of Fate" and "Fight Fire with Fire"
Bonus Features: "Everyday Fun" Music Video and "MEGA Album Playlist" Video
Power Rangers Super Samurai: The Complete Season
Blu-Ray and DVD sold separately, has all 20 episodes of the second season and has three discs. Special features include the Everyday Fun music video and Ranger Swarm video.

 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Complete Series
Shout! Factory released five DVD cases with three discs each, two for Season One, two for Season Two and one case for Season Three. The bonus case includes two discs with bonus features like Morphin Time! Featurette, A Morphenomenal Cast featurette, The Fans Power Up and specials like Lord Zedd's Monster Heads, Alpha's Magical Christmas, Rare Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan Club Video, MMPR Karate Club: The White Ranger Kata, Power Rangers Live: The World Tour and Bonus Easter Egg: The original Galaxy Rangers presentation. The cases were released separately as well as volumes.

 Time Life Power Rangers Box Sets
Time Life had the MMPR Complete Series and Seasons 4-7 box sets together.

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers DVD
10 Episode Mini Series was also released on its own by Shout! Factory.

Power Rangers Seasons 4-7
21 Discs, Power Rangers Zeo to Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, four seasons. Special Features include Tales Of The Giant Banana, Behind The Mask: Celebrating The Stunt Team, A Convention With Attitude, The Lost Episode, and Power Playback: Power Rangers’ Funniest Moments.

 Power Rangers Seasons 8-12
26 Discs, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue to Dino Thunder, five seasons. Bonus Features include The Voice Of A Ranger, Mad Props!: A Look At The Unique Props Of Power Rangers With Prop Master Mark Richardson and Web Of Fans: An In-Depth Look At The Thriving World Of Internet Fandom.

 Power Rangers Seasons 13-17
22 Discs, from Power Rangers SPD to Power Rangers RPM, five seasons. Bonus features include Mad Props!, Rangers On Set!, Ranger Tales, Collect ‘Em All!, The S.P.D. Rangers Want You, Ranger Secrets, Special Messages From The Mystic Force  Rangers, Mystic Force: Forces Of Nature!, Operation Overdrive Files and Original Promos.

Power Rangers 20 Legacy Collection
 98 DVD Disc Set, 6 Bonus Discs, Limited to 2,000 individually numbered copies. From Mighty Morphin to Megaforce. Samurai and Megaforce discs were specially made by Shout! Factory for this collection. Includes 767 episodes.

Power Rangers Megaforce: Ultimate Team Power
"Mega Mission", "He Blasted Me with Science", "Going Viral, "Stranger Ranger" and Bonus Feature is Power Rangers Morph Through 20 Years Video.
Power Rangers Megaforce: The Mysterious Robo Knight
'United We Stand', 'Harmony and Dizchord', 'Who's Crying Now?', and 'Robo Knight'. Comes with Ultra Mode Red Ranger Megabloks figure.
Power Rangers Megaforce: The Great Dragon Spirit
   'Prince Takes Knight', 'Man and Machine', 'Ultra Power' and 'Last Laugh.'

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