Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ImagiNEXT Power Rangers from Fisher-Price

For those that don't know, Fisher-Price has ImagiNext line which is for kids under five, like Toy Story, Spongebob and Batman. Now finally Power Rangers has it. I say finally because my grandnephew is five and wanted it for him when he was younger. hey are toys more accessible for younger kids and with no pointy or removable pieces.
 Spotted at New York Toy Fair 2015 was Dino Megazord, Armored Red Ranger and Armored Black Ranger.
Zordon is seen in the Megazord. Some fans wanted Dino Charge and didn't like MMPR is getting more love. I say there is no harm to go with a no-brainer. If we want any new toy line to continue, MMPR will help. For example, Mattel tried Hot Wheels for Power Rangers and they did Megaforce and that line was canceled due to low sales. Swappz didn't work with Megaforce and maybe Hero Portal won't work with Super Megaforce. Mega Bloks has been able to continue with current seasons. We will see.

 There will be Zords, first Triceratops, Mastadon and Sabertooth Tiger. There will be a Battle Assortment with Red Ranger & T-Rex Zord and Goldar & Rita Repulsa. The Megazord is said to come with Red and Blue Rangers. There will be a figure pack assortment as well.


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