Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chief Differences between Kamen Rider and Super Sentai

Why Watch Kamen Rider?
I always tell friends that Kamen Rider is like Super Sentai's violent and alcoholic emotionally-disturbed older brother.
  1. More Serious?
    You could say that. The overall tone of most of the Kamen Rider series are serious. Kamen Rider Den-O is a comedy, but not as goofy as let's say Carranger; even though both were slapstick. It's different levels of camp. As for Kamen Rider series from the Showa era, they dealt more with the dark. While Sentai from the Showa era also was serious, it had more free-spirit, bright colors and storylines with children. Kamen Rider do include children but in a less heart-felt manner.

  2. No Big Monsters or Big Robots
    While one of the Kamen Riders did become big, I think; but for the majority, the Kamen Rider franchise does not have the custom of having big robots or big monsters. When their monsters die, they don't become bigger. Now, Kamen Rider have had robots but not big ones like in Super Sentai.

  3. The 'I' in Team
    The most notable factor in the showa era was that Kamen Rider was solo, and it is still the case in most series. Kamen Rider is meant to be a loner and not part of a 'team.' Most of the other riders have to learn to 'team up' with the main one and have their own goals. And then you have the evil Riders, who just want to destroy the main one. Sometimes the Riders do team up but this is a rarity.

  4. Less cross-series teamups
    While teamups of the current team and last team is common in Super Sentai, it is not in Kamen Rider. It has happened maybe a handful of times but not as much as in Sentai. Most of the specials have actually be 'VS,' them against each other. Part of the reason they made more Riders and especially 13 for Ryuki, was to have more adversity like in the teamups.

  5. Boy's Club
    The majority of the Kamen Riders are male, there are only 4 female Riders (that their suits were meant for just them) in the canon and one female armored sidekick. All Kamen Rider series have a 'damsel-in-distress' or 'girl friday' sidekick to the Kamen Rider with no powers, she always ends up in the middle of the action for some reason.
I do like Kamen Rider, it is different from Super Sentai, albeit I have seen less of the series from Super Sentai. But as evidence from this blog, it does peak my interest.

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