Friday, June 5, 2009

Kamen Riders to appear physically in Kamen Rider Decade

This is a list of Kamen Rider that physically appear in Kamen Rider Decade and I am not counting the ones in a dream or in a newspaper. And these are supposedly in order of appearance but some are out of order. I put the ones that appear in the movie All Riders vs. Great Shocker on the bottom.

* - Seen out of suit
^ - Not seen out of suit
Ω - exclusive to the series

  1. Decade*Ω
  2. Kuuga*
  3. Kick Hopper^ (In Episode 2 and 3)
  4. Punch Hopper^ (In Episode 2 and 3, and later by Diend)
  5. Kiva*
  6. Kaixa^ (In Episode 4 and 5)
  7. Ryuki*
  8. Knight* (In Ryuki World)
  9. Zolda^ (In Ryuki World)
  10. Scissors^ (In Ryuki World, later by Diend in Shinkenger World)
  11. Odin^ (In Ryuki World)
  12. Imperer^ (In Ryuki World)
  13. Tiger^ (In Ryuki World)
  14. Verde* (In Ryuki World)
  15. Abyss*Ω (In Ryuki World)
  16. Blade*
  17. Garren* (In Blade World)
  18. Chalice* (In Blade World)
  19. Leangle* (In Blade World)
  20. Kabuki^ (Thanks to Diend)
  21. Rey^ (Thanks to Diend)
  22. Faiz*
  23. Diend*Ω
  24. Ryuga (In Episode 11^ and Negative World*)
  25. Agito
  26. G3^ (In flashback in Episode 13)
  27. G3-X* (In Agito World)
  28. Gills (In Agito World)
  29. Drake^ (Thanks to Diend)
  30. Delta^ (Thanks to Diend)
  31. Den-O Sword Form*
  32. Den-O Rod Form* (Den-O World)
  33. Den-O Axe Form* (Den-O World)
  34. Den-O Gun Form* (Den-O World)
  35. Sasword^ (Thanks to Diend)
  36. Saga^ (Thanks to Diend)
  37. Gatack* (Kabuto World)
  38. TheBee* (Kabuto World)
  39. Kabuto*
  40. Ixa^ (Thanks to Diend)
  41. Psyga^ (Thanks to Diend)
  42. Caucasus^ (Thanks to Diend)
  43. Hibiki*
  44. Ibuki* (Hibiki World, and later by Diend)
  45. Todoroki* (In Episode 9^ and Hibiki World)
  46. Zanki* (Hibiki World, and later by Diend)
  47. Amaki*Ω (Hibiki World)
  48. Ohja^ (Thanks to Diend and then Kivara)
  49. Alternative* (Negative World)
  50. Orga* (Negative World)
  51. Dark Kiva* (Negative World)
  52. Dark Kabuto* (Negative World)
  53. Glaive* (Diend World)
  54. Larc* (Diend World)
  55. Lance* (Diend World)

  56. Raia^ (Shinkenger World, Thanks to Diend)
  57. Black RX/Robo Rider/Bio Rider* (Black RX World)
    Caucasus^ (Thanks to Diend)--again
  58. Hercus^ (Thanks to Diend)
  59. Ketaros^ (Thanks to Diend)
  60. Femme^ (Thanks to Diend)
  61. Black* (Thanks to Diend)
  62. Amazon* (Amazon World)
  63. Gai* (Thanks to Diend, All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  64. Kamen Rider 1^ (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  65. Kamen Rider 2^ (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  66. V3 ^ (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  67. X^ (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  68. Riderman^ (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  69. Stronger^ (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  70. Skyrider^ (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  71. Super-1^ (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  72. ZX^ (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  73. Shadow Moon* (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  74. Shin^ (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  75. ZO^ (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)
  76. J^ (All Riders vs. Great Shocker)

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