Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can you Hear Me? Power Ranger Walkie-Talkies


I never had these, but I did have the juice, soaps, slushie tumblers and water bottles with the Ranger heads on them. These were interesting. The first such Power Ranger Walkie-talkies were these. The Red ones, inside, were Black and Red, not like in the box. These were not made by Bandai but had similar box art.

And there was girl ones, the only ones ever made for girls, with Pink and Yellow.

In Space
These were the second to be Red and Black. The first made after a while, these are the first to be big figures. These were made by MGA, it had Bandai box art.

Lost Galaxy
There was Red and Blue and correct me if I'm wrong, they also had Green and Red. I am not sure if there was Lightspeed Rescue ones. These were made by MGA, it had Bandai box art. It also came in a box similar to the one below.

Limited Edition
Silver Ranger - Magna Defender
Wow! I didn't even know this one existed! Amazing! How cool. The Silver Ranger and the Magna Defender never met each other or were in the same place in the series nor in Super Sentai.

Lightspeed Rescue
This was the first and only walkie-talkie to have Red and a Megazord. I am surprised how detailed the Lightspeed Megazord was.

Time Force
For Time Force, they had Green and Quantum. I thought it was Red and Quantum, I don't know if Red and Blue were made. As you can tell, the Quantum Ranger was not show-accurate, it was based on drawings in promotional stuff, the Halloween costume also looked like this.

Wild Force
For Wild Force, they went simple. These were made by iMC. These were the second to be Red and Blue.

Ninja Storm
Once again, they were made by MGA but had boxart from Bandai. These were the first to be Red and Yellow. Apparently they also made Thunder Ranger ones.

Dino Thunder
I do not know who made these, but they were the third to be Red and Blue.

The fourth to be Red and Blue.

Mystic Force
Once again made by iMC, Red and Green.

They also made some like the Wild Force ones, but with bluetooth-like headsets.

These were the only ones to have intercom mask.

Operation Overdrive
The 4th one to be Red and Black, they made walkie talkie with just the helmets like the MMPR ones, but it was Red and Blue. The fifth to have blue and red.

Jungle Fury
The sixth to have Red and Blue. They had five versions, including the ones they made for Mystic Force (simple and mask).

The seventh and last to have Red and Blue.


A.R.Torres said...

I think your blog is very interesting. lol. Where can I find the power rangers RPM walkie talkies? (the last picture)
I want to buy them for my nephew.

Thanks =]

Daniel said...

I have the Red and Blue Time Force Walkie Talkies AND a display stand for them, unfortunately the stand is broken, but oh well