Thursday, October 22, 2009

Power Rangers Uniform Stats

UPDATED 8/2/12
Let's look the common motifs of the suits. We are looking at 18 of them and not of the Sixth Rangers or the A-Squad SPD Rangers.
White cuffs and Boots combo: 6
White gloves: 12
White Boots: 8
Ranger-color gloves and boots combo: 6
Ranger-color gloves: 6
Ranger-color boots: 12
Gold cuff over boot or glove: 6 (Zeo, LR, Wild, DT, RPM Black and Green and Megaforce)
Silver cuff over boot or glove: 5 (TF, SPD, OO, RPM Red, Yellow and Blue, PRS Mega Mode)
Black cuff over boot or glove: 4 (Turbo, NS, MF, PRS)
White Belts: 4 (MMPR, Turbo, Space, Galaxy)
Gold Belts: 9 (Aquitar, Zeo, LR, Wild, Dino, Mystic, RPM Black and Green, PRS, Megaforce)
Silver Belts: 3 (SPD, OO, RPM Red, Blue and Yellow)
Black Belts: 2 (Time Force, Ninja Storm)

White Hostlers: 4 (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, Space)
Gold Hostlers: 6 (Aquitar, LR, Wild, Dino, Mystic, RPM, Megaforce)
Silver Hostlers: 3 (SPD, OO, RPM)
No Hostlers: 3 (Time, Ninja, Jungle)

Helmets with Lips molds: 7 (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, Galaxy, TF, PRS Mega Mode, Megaforce)
Helmets with blank mouth piece: 8 (Aquitar, Space, Wild, NS, DT, SPD, JF, PRS)
Helmets with grey mouth molds: 10 (MMPR, Turbo, Space, Galaxy, TF, WF, SPD, OO, PRS Mega, Megaforce)
Helmet with no lips mold: 4 (MF, LR, RPM, PRS)
Helmet with Ranger-color mouth piece: 5 (Zeo, NS, DT, JF, PRS)
Helmet with Black visor: 15 (except for Time Force)
Helmet with ranger-color visor: 1 (Time Force)
Uniforms without gold: 6 (MMPR, Turbo, TF, SPD, OO, JF)

Uniforms with gold in it: 12 (Aquitar, Zeo, Space, Galaxy, LF, WF, NS, DT, MF, RPM, PRS, Megaforce)
Uniforms without silver: 7 (Aquitar, Zeo, LR, DT, MF, JF, PRS except Gold)
Uniforms with Silver in it: 11 (MMPR, Turbo, Space, Galaxy, TF, WF, NS, SPD, OO, RPM, Gold Samurai)
Uniforms without Black in it, not including helmet: 2 (Lightspeed Rescue, MMPR except black) -- Wild Force and OO have tiny bits of black.
Uniforms with Morpher present: 6 [MMPR, Time Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD (Omega and Nova), and RPM Black/Green]
Gold Buckle: 12 (MM Green, MM White, Alien, Zeo, Space, Galaxy, LR, WF, NS, DT, MF, RPM, Samurai, Megaforce)
Silver Buckle: 5 (MMPR, SPD, PROO, TF, Turbo)

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zPutty said...

Lightspeed also had helmets with no mouth mold.