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The life of the 8" Power Rangers figures

UPDATED 7/16/17
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It all started with these five 8 inch tall figures, that got us original fans into this. They were so cool when they came out because most toys at the time was 5 inches and this was rare in the 90's. Now, toys come up to 13 inches or more, but back when this was cool. The Green Ranger was released with the Dragonzord only in season one. Let's track how long they lasted until Bandai America succumbed to 5 1/2 inches.

By season two, they went to the 5.5' Auto-Morphin figures but they were special feature figures. Season two recycled the 8 inch figures but gave them special features, either kicking or chopping. The White Ranger was only released with the Tigerzord much like the Green Ranger. 5,5' monsters began by season 2 but 8 inchers were also available.
For the movie in June of 1995, the 8 inches got re-released but this time painted 'metallic' instead of producing new figures that looked like the new Movie suits. Saban and company remedied this by giving the Rangers the shiny suits known as 'Metallic Armor' late into Season three. This was the first time the White Ranger was released on his own. They also re-release the Auto-Morphins in this metallic coating.

For Season 3, the 8 inches were released for a fourth time, this time with talking features. Well, the White Ranger's second time sold separately. The 8 inch monsters stopped by season 3.

For Zeo in 1996, the 8 inchers continued, but also available in 5". They had sound action and other action features.

For Turbo, the 8 inchers had repeat action, including the Blue Senturion and the Phantom Ranger. They were not released when the show started in Spring but in the Fall. There were going to be a 8 inch Maligore and Terrorsaur but they weren't made.

By 1998, the 5.5' figures were popular and for Space, they were multiple amounts of them, including the beginning of the Battlizers. So, by Fall, they still made the 8 inches, but these were to be the last. The 8 inch talking Rangers were available and the Silver Ranger (also spoke), much like the Green and White before him was released with his main zord.

Actually, this was not the last way to obtain the 8 inch Silver Ranger (also talking), he would be re-packaged with his morpher for the Lost Galaxy line.

Astro Armor Rangers were the first... and last 8 inchers to have specially designed armors. They had individual weapons.. that were colored!!! Not like the first Rangers, that had plain white weapons. They also had their own individualized armors. You will notice the females also got special armor. They would try this again for Lost Galaxy but I will cover that tomorrow. And these were the last 8 inch figures ever made.

For the Power Playback back in 1999, the Green Ranger was re-released by himself for the first time and also in a special package with the White Ranger (as the Gold Team). All the MMPR Rangers were re-released again under the Power Playback line.
8 inchers were available from 1993 to 1999, making six years. But original ones stopped being produced in 1998 with the Space line.

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