Monday, November 9, 2009

Poll Results: Favorite Sixth Rangers

Genta Umemori (Shinken Gold)
42 of 142 votes, Genta won but I am not suspicious that the 42 were not after 100 votes, I had seen 30-something votes before it hit the 100 mark. His suit got 19 votes.

Burai (Dragon Ranger)
35 out of 142 votes, second winner, he was leading the polls early on. His suit got 56 votes.

Third, 16 out of 142 votes. I voted for Shurikenger. His suit got 6 votes and his counterpart Cam got 9 votes.

Naoto Takizawa (Time Fire)
Fourth, 13 of 142 votes. Would he be happy about that? I don't think so. His counterpart Eric got 13 votes as well! His suit got 7 votes.

Hiroto Suto (Go-On Gold)
7 votes, fifth? Hiroto wouldn't care. His suit got 19 votes and his counterpart Gem got 27 votes.

Kou Koshinsei (Kiba Ranger)
6 votes, his costume got 16 votes.

Tekkan Aira 'Tetsu' (DekaBreak)
6 votes, more than his suit got (2).

Tsukumaro Oogami "Shirogane" (Gao Silver)
5 votes, his suit and his counterpart Merrick got the same amount of votes!

Riki (King Ranger)
3 votes, his suit got 8 votes.

Yuusaku Hayakawa (MegaSilver)
3 votes, less than his suit got (9).

Eiji Takaoka (Bouken Silver)
3 votes, his suit got 6 votes.

Fire Warrior Hyuga (Bull Black)
2 votes

Sungel 'Hikaru' (Magi Shine)
1 vote, less than his suit got (3).

Tommy Oliver (Green and White Ranger)
66 out of 162 votes, winner. There was more votes for this one than for Super Sentai, no surprise there. The Green Ranger suit got 56 votes and the White Ranger suit got 16 votes.

Gem (Ranger Gold)
27 out of 162 votes, second most popular. His counterpart Hiroto got fifth and his suit got 7 votes.

Eric Myers (Quantum Ranger)
Third, 13 votes. His counterpart Naoto got fourth but 13 votes as well! His suit got 7 votes and his title as Quantum Ranger got 6 votes as least favorite name.

Jason (Gold Ranger)
10 votes, his counterpart Riki got 3. His suit got 8 votes.

Zhane (Silver Ranger)
10 votes. His counterpart Yuusaku got 3. His costume got 9 votes.

Cam Watanabe (Green Samurai Ranger)
9 votes surprisingly (I'm not a fan). His counterpart Shurikenger got 16 votes. His suit got 6 votes and so did his title as least favorite hero name.

Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)
6 votes, his suit got 4 votes.

Phantom Ranger
5 votes

Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
5 votes, his counterpart Shirogane got 5 votes too! His suit got 5 votes and he got 3 votes for least favorite hero name.

Tyzonn (Mercury Ranger)
5 votes, his counterpart Eiji got 3 votes. His suit got 6 votes and his Mercury Ranger title got 12 votes for least favorite hero name.

Daggeron (Solaris Knight)
3 votes, his counterpart Sungel got 1 vote. His suit got 3 votes. His title Solaris Knight got 10 votes as least favorite hero name.

Sam (Omega Ranger)
2 votes, his counterpart Tetsu got 6 votes. His suit got the same amount of votes (2) and his title Omega Ranger got 3 votes as the least favorite hero name.

Mike Corbett (Magna Defender)
Mike got 1 vote, his counterpart Hyuuga got 2 votes.


Mark said...

GENTA?!?!? He ruined Shinkenger for me! I hate comic relief for the sake of lightening the mood, and that's all he was good for.

Also, how'd Ryan get so low?!

In retrospect, I should have voted. Whoops.

Cikgu Khairul Arif said...

well..for me genta makes shinkenger more 'relaxing'and entertaining....=]

Unknown said...

Where's Miu and Gemma in this? They joined the team at the same time as their brothers, and are thus considered "sixth rangers" as well.