Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poll: Your Least Favorite Hero Name?

I totally forgot to put Magna Defender on the list!

Auric the Conqueror
36 of 147 votes, 24%
Auric wins by having the worst name. I personally despise it as well.

26 out of 147, 17%
Ninjor is the second to get the most votes.

Kat Ranger
25 out of 147, 17%
Kat Ranger is third. It is a silly name.

Mercury Ranger
12 out of 147, 8%
Mercury Ranger is fourth voted.

Solaris Knight
10 votes

Blue Senturion
I never got what the name meant. I would have been suffice with Space Officer. 8 votes.

Quantum Ranger
6 votes

Green Samurai Ranger
I voted for this name, I didn't like this name because Shurikenger was a ninja, not a Samurai. 6 votes.

Wolf Warrior
6 votes

Triassic Ranger
4 votes

Lunar Wolf Ranger
3 votes.

Omega Ranger
3 votes


Mark said...

Geez, the Omega Ranger even fails at FAILING!

Lavender Ranger said...

Funny, but this means his name Omega Ranger is not the worst name fans have heard.

Mark said...

His Megazord, though, is. The Omega Megazord? Either that's just redundant(and I have a loose grip on that word), or the Omega Ranger just loves to fail at names. But, it's not as bad as Ninjor. That's not only a bad way to say "this character's a ninja-dude", but also, there's a He-Man character named "Ninjor".

Kilowog said...

Hey, Magna Defender was a cool name.

Also Senturion is a corruption of the world Centurion, who were badass Roman soldiers and bodyguards.