Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poll Results: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight & Girl Battlizers

Do you think Maya will be able to be a Kamen Rider?
Yes -- 49 out of 64 [76%]
Maybe -- 9 out of 64 [14%]
No -- 6 out of 64 [9%]
Well, she was able.

Are you looking forward to the new episodes of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight?
Yes -- 117 of 162 [72%]
No -- 24 of 162 [14%]
I've stopped watching -- 21 of 162 [12%]

Which female Power Ranger
Deserved a Battlizer?
Kimberly [MMPR]
84 of 240 votes. Seems everyone believes the first Pink Ranger deserved a Battlizer.

Jen [Time Force]
53 of 250 votes
The only team leader in the list, is the second highest voted. 58 of 240.

Summer [RPM]
38 of 250 votes
The reason I put Summer in the categories is because is the latest girl Ranger. She is third. 43 of 240.

Tori [Ninja Storm]
18 votes.

Karone [Lost Galaxy]
At first, she had almost no votes, she now ended up having 13 votes.

Katherine [Zeo]
Like Karone, she didn't get much votes at first, now 14.

Madison [Mystic Force]
Basically the reason I picked her for this selection because she is another female Ranger in blue, it would look interesting. I didn't expect her to get many votes, she got 10. Hmm, I should have had more Yellow Rangers on this.

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Mark said...

Just look at Jen in that picture. I think she's the only pre-RPM(or, rather, post...sorta) to realize she's wearing pink spandex. And she hates it.