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Animals used for the Monsters Part 1

I will be doing some posts, the only order is by broad titles like 'feline.' If you see other animals missing, they will be in the other posts, this is just by my memory since there are sooooo many animals. I got help from my friend Larry, whose forte is Monsters. I will only go by the Super Sentai names because there so many. I will also cover the 'Zyu 2' monsters made for PR. I am only covering the animals that are covered more than once, not those onners like Canary Nejira (Megaranger) or that Archerfish Rinshi (Gekiranger) for examples. Also not counting generals. Of course I will be missing some, so politely tell me which ones!

Anything from before Jetman, I have the picture on Super but it is a grid of a bunch of them and I don't feel like cropping it and make a bunch of new pictures.

No Pic: Google Five has Cat Mozoo, Lion Mozoo, Tiger Mozoo, and Cheetah Mozoo.
Sniper Cat (Jetman)

Dora Chimera (Zyuranger)
It is a chimera but it has lion aspect.

Cat Signal (Ohranger Movie)

Bakeneko (Kakuranger)

UU Ussu (Carranger)

Land Zuzoon (Carranger)

Lion Nejilar (Megaranger)
A golden lion pyscho nejilar.

Madogi (Hurricanger)
A cat-like ninja.

Bakudandelion (Abaranger)

Namiayashi (Shinkenger)
Had a half-tiger motif.

Dora Sphinx

Desufuiasu (Gingaman)

Sphinx (Magiranger)
Female sphinx with glasses.

No Pic: The Elephant-like Seal Bōma in Turboranger.
Elephant Nejira (Megaranger)

Ganeujaa (GoGoV)

Oonyuudou (Kakuranger)
Appears in the Kakuranger movie, blue Elephant.

Chimera Org (Gaoranger)
Combo of the stolen Power Animals: Griaffe, Elephant and Bears.

Hachochin (Shinkenger)
Resembled an Elephant.

Yumebakura (Shinkenger)
Half Elephant, Half Rhino


No Pics: Mammoth Kong (Goggle V) and Mammoth Shinka in Dynaman.
Dimensional Mammoth (Jetman)
Mammoth took Yellow Owl back in time.

Bara Mammoth (Ohranger)

No pic: Goggle Five's Shark Mozoo, Samelar/"Sharkler" (Denjiman) as half-shark and Samejigokugin (Fiveman) was half-shark. I am not counting generals like Saandaru of Hurricanger.
Shiyakurumagaretsuto (Abaranger)
Shark-daisy-car Torinoid.

Marine Zaboon (Carranger)

Slippery Shark (MMPR Season 1)
Hammerhead shark.

Onimaru and Yamimaru (Gingaman)

No Pic: Armadillo Monger (Sun Vulcan), and Sazaemadillogin in Fiveman was half-Armadillo.
Light Armadillo (Jetman)

Soccerdillo (MMPR Season 1)
Armadillo, a bit like the Jetman Light Armadillo.

Bara Madillo (Ohranger)

Muzankose (Gekiranger)
Pangolin, only one. Not an Armadillo, but didn't have any where else to put it.

No Pic: Mole Mozoo (Goggle V Movie)
Dramole (MMPR Season 1)
Part of the Zyu 2 monsters.

Mole Nejire (Megaranger)
Black mole.

Mogudorago (Hurricanger)
Mole robot.

No Pic: Nezumi Mozoo (Mouse) of Goggle V, and Goggle Five's Rat Mozoo.
Toxic Rat (Jetman)

Chuupid (Hurricanger)
Mouse/cupid robot.


Sojo (Gekiranger)
Rat motif Addanc.


No pic: Toad Monger of Sun Vulcan, Frog Shinka of Dynaman, Frog Kans of Bioman and Wanikaerugin (Fiveman) was half Alligator and half Frog.
Dora Bugaranan (Zyuranger)

Toad Nejire (Megaranger)

Gamajakushi (Hurricanger)

Toad (Magiranger)

Maga (Gekiranger)
Toad-Fist user

Eruka (Gekiranger)
Re-paint of Maga.

Like pigs, spiders, dragons, crocodiles, and more! Oh my!

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Anonymous said...

There are A LOT of mantises. I like this you're doing monster-related things now; I love Sentai monsters. I know you accept ideas for future posts, so how about this: the "theme" of each evil group's monsters. Like in Goranger they were all cyborgs in masks. And in Megaranger they were all (literally) twisted Earth animals. And in Kakuranger they were Yokai.

Lavender Ranger said...

Thanks, yeah good idea. As for the Mantis, yes, there is six.

ChrisX said...

Well there's a lot of monster infos and pics in the Didn't you make that site? Or the pictures are too small?

Anyway, like usual with me and knowledge about Goggle Five, I'll give some infos on what monsters have appeared (in fact, every monster is animal based)... Of course, from that site, I learned that the monster pictures are too small so I don't think I can put that on. Anyway...

Felines & Sphinx: Goggle Five actually had four: Cat Mozoo, Lion Mozoo, Tiger Mozoo, Cheetah Mozoo.

Elephant: This one has a strange variation. There is a monster with the default name 'Zoukame Mozoo'. It's translated to 'Elephant-Tortoise', but for the most part, it looks more like a tortoise.

Shark: Shark Mozoo.

Eutheria: Mole Mozoo is the monster for the movie. There's also Rat Mozoo for the actual series.

(By the way, yes, there is also a Mantis monster in Goggle Five)

Well, that's all I could gather. I hope this helps.

Mr. Nurgle said...

That was me, sorry.

You know, he Japanhero site had cropped pictures of the early monsters, but that site went under and I don;t know if anyone can get at the pictures still...

Anonymous said...

Muzankose is from Gekiranger not from Shinkenger.

Skyred said...

i particularly love the monkey from gekiranger! remember to post on that too!

Anonymous said...

One other Shinkenger monster had a cat theme. In addition, there were shark monsters in Gingaman and a rat among the Genjyuken in Gekiranger. Are you counting Raiken from Go-Onger?

Unknown said...

What Tokusatsu shows need more of is skunk monsters! That or some actual skunk mecha!