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Animals used for the Monsters Part 3

I will be doing some posts, the only order is by board titles like 'feline.' If you see other animals missing, they will be in the other posts, this is just by my memory since there are sooooo many animals. I got help from my friend Larry, whose forte is Monsters. I will only go by the Super Sentai names because there so many. I will also cover the 'Zyu 2' monsters made for PR. I am only covering the animals that are covered more than once, not those onners like Canary Nejira (Megaranger) or that Archerfish Rinshi (Gekiranger) for examples. Also not counting generals. Of course I will be missing some, so politely tell me which ones!


No Pic: Chameleon Battalion Chief (JAKQ), Chameleon Kans (Bioman), and Chameleon Moozo in Google V, I am not including Mele.
Hammer Chameleon (Jetman)

Chameleon Nejire (Megaranger)

Kurisottsuba (Hurricanger)
Chameleon based

Shiyouhousenkamereon (Abaranger)

Chimera (Magiranger)
Had different animals including a Crocodile, Chameleon and Buffalo.

No Pic: Fly Moozo (Goggle V) and Mosquito Shinka (Dynaman)

Vampiyan (Hurircanger)

Fly Pine (Abaranger)
Votive picture-pine-fly

Yuzeikusu (Goseiger)
Non-Biting Midges are Flies apparently.


No Pic: Cicade Killer Monster (Battle Fever J) and Cicada Shinka (Dynaman)
Guitardo (MMPR S2)
Zyu 2 monster.

Cicada Nejire (Megaranger)

Kuttsukuhoushi (Hurricanger)

Yokubabanga (Goseiger)


No pic: Porcupine Mozoo (Goggle V) and Porcupine Shinka (Dynaman)
Porcupine Nejilar (Megaranger)

Marashiya (Gekiranger)


No Pic: Crab Mozoo (Goggle V), Kaigalar (crab) in Denjiman, Akame Doggler (Maskman), Crab Shinka (Dynaman) and Crab Monger (Sun Vulcan).
Crab Nejilar (Megaranger vs. Carranger)


No Pic: Gorilla Kong (Goggle V) and Gorilla Kans (Bioman)
Primator (MMPR S2)
Zyu2 monster.

Burizaaru and Hizaaru (Hurricanger Movie)
Combined to become Uchu SHinobi Zaru, two monkey aliens.

Nanakusarumba (Abaranger)
Monkey-Rumba-seven spring herbs

Hihi (Gekiranger)
Two forms. Baboon.

Shuen (Gekiranger)
Hanuman-fist, but based on a monkey.

No pic: Scorpion Monga (Sun Vulcan), Sasori Mazoo (GoggleV), Scorpion Shinka (Dynaman)
Scorpion Nejire (Megaranger)

Sorisa (Gekiranger)

No Pic: Centipede Monger of Sun Vulcan.
Oumukade (Kakuranger)

Centipede Nejire (Megaranger)

Dreddredder (Gingaman)

Mukadenpanjii (Abaranger)
Centipede-Pansy-Radio Wave

Kademu (Gekiranger)

Mummy (Goseiger)

No pics: Anglerfish (Goggle Five), Angora - Dynaman
Anglerfish Nejire (Megaranger)

Angol (Dekaranger)

Mukoua (Gekiranger)


No Pic: Stingray Shinka (Dynaman)
Stingray Nejire (Megaranger)

Gigire (Megaranger)

FOXS (4)

No Pic: Fox Shinka (Dynaman)
Kyuubi No Kistune (Kakuranger)
Was made into a cat for MMPR.

Tsuneki (Gekiranger)

Isagitsune (Shinkenger)
Fox inspired.


No pic: Tapir Shinka (Dynaman) and Tapir Kong (GoggleV)
Bahamuu (GoGoV)

Yumebakushi (Hurricanger)

No Pic: Jellyfish Urchin Monster (Battle Fever J), Jellyfish Kans (Bioman), and Kuragen (Fiveman). I am not covering generals like the Jellyfish-user Kenma in Gekiranger.
Jellyfish (MMPR S1)
Zyu 2 Monster.

Hyoudogasa (Gingaman)

No pic: Rattlesnake Mozoo (Goggle V), Snake Monger (Sun Vulcan) and Snake Shinka (Dynaman). I am told that the Snake Woman from Goranger was also spider inspired but I don't know, haven't seen her.
Snake Armor (Jetman)
Not really a monster but an armor that took over human (or human-like aliens) body.

Dora Radun (Zyuranger)

Braco (Gekiranger)

No Pic: Flea Shinka (Dynaman)
Fighting Flea (MMPR S1)
Zyu 2 Monster.

Rigurou (Gingaman)

Waraikozo of the Gremlin (Goseiger)
A flea.

No Pic: Rhino Kans (Bioman), Sai Sazoo (Goggle V), and Rhino Shinka (Dynaman)
Rhinoblaster (MMPR S1)
Football themed, Zyu 2.

Rhino Nejire (Megaranger)


Yumebakura (Shinkenger)
Half Elephant, Half Rhino

No Pic: Turtle Kans (Bioman) and Elephant-Tortoise (Zoukame Mozoo) of Goggle Five.
Dora Tortoise (Zyuranger)

Rin Jyu Tortoise-Ken Meka (Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger)

Sasamatage (Shinkenger)
Turtle motif.

Next up on Monsters...
Squids, Moths, Unicorns, Fish, Flowers, Cactus, and more!

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Don said...

The female Kenma in Gekiranger is a jellyfish.

ChrisX said...

There's also a Chameleon Mozoo in Goggle Five. As well as a Porcupine Mozoo, Crab Mozoo, and... Rattlesnake Mozoo (That's still a snake, right?)

ChrisX said...

And ugh, I forgot again... there's a Fly Mozoo as well....

Mr. Nurgle said...

The monsters in the Hurricanger movie are monkeys. There was also Anglar the anglerfish in the Denjiman movie.

Anonymous said...

I think there's a Snake-woman in one of the last episodes of Gorenger
I'm not sure

Anonymous said...

Cicada monster in Gingaman. Crab monsters in Gekiranger (in shell) and in Gingaman. Scorpion in Gingaman. Turtle monster in Timeranger

Anonymous said...

Cicada monster in Gingaman. Crab monsters in Gekiranger (in shell) and in Gingaman. Scorpion in Gingaman. Turtle monster in Timeranger

Lavender Ranger said...

>>Cicada monster in Gingaman. Crab monsters in Gekiranger (in shell) and in Gingaman. Scorpion in Gingaman.<<

What was the name of those monsters?

I am not counting the Gekiranger Hermit Crab.

>> Turtle monster in Timeranger.<<

If you are referring to Kagakusha Genbu, he is not a turtle.