Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shadows of the Chameleon

I've been meaning to do a post on this in a while.

In Gekiranger (2007), Mele the Chameleon-Fist user is no doubt my favorite character from Gekiranger. She is the villainess of the series but also served as 'extra hero' or a female green ranger of sorts as she had a Chameleon 'zord.' In Jungle Fury, it became a zord, but was not named.

In Kamen Rider Den-O (2007), the same year as Gekiranger, Chameleon Imagin was around for two episodes (episodes 3-4). He has almost the same colors as Mele, with purple and green, not red like Mele. It is funny since the Super Sentai producer said the only time the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai production teams meet to check if they are not doing the same theme. Sometimes after the meeting and through the year, one new theme start looking alike.

In Jungle Fury (2008), Mele's armored chest was censored by Disney. Her chest was to emulate the Chameleon's eyes but it somehow can be mistaken as nipples but they are not in the position of human nipples. Anyhoo, the Disney crew repainted the chest green for Camille in Power Rangers. Fans were appalled, as always, including me because it is just silly.

The only toy Mele had in Japan was her Chameleon (that came with the Lion).

A special figure of Mele herself of Girls in Uniform available through Hyper Hobby.

In the Jungle Fury toyline, there are many chameleons throughout it. When the first line came out, there was only Dai Shi, labeled as Evil Space Alien. His sword was molded with the Chameleon, even though his real sword doesn't have it. Some fans thought we weren't going to get Camille as a toy and this was going to be the only one. But then the Camille toy did come out with Flit, but named Mele.

The Chameleon surprisingly came out with the Rhino Steel Megazord Mircozord toy. It didn't appear on it on either show, but the toy makers apparently liked the Chameleon and added it.

The Chameleon zord toy came out in two packages (Transforming Battle Megazord and Transforming Fury Megazord Set), much like the others.

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sdp said...

I always find interesting when they censure the costumes. They also did this with Necrolai. So did they not use any shots of the Japanese Mele the chameleon? or did they zoom in like in Mystic Force?