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Animals used for the Kamen Rider Monsters Part 1 (Insects)

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No Pic: Tarantula Undead (Blade)
Tarantes Worm Purpura (Kabuto)

Brachypelma Worm Aurantium

No Pics: Mundayganday (Black RX) and Be-Jimin-Ba Grongi (Kuuga)
Flea Mutant (Black)

Pulex Worm (Kabuto)

ANTS (9)
No Pics: Arikimedes (Kamen Rider), Lens Ant (V3), Aunt Runt (Black RX)
Formica Regia (Agito)
Queen Ant Lord

Formica Pedes and Formica Eques
3 forms

Camponotus Worm Oculus and Maxilla
2 forms

KABUTO (Rhino Beetles) (4)
No Pic: Kabutorong (Kamen Rider), Propeller Rhinoceros beetle (V3), and Inokabuton (Kamen Rider)--mix with wild boar.
Go-Gadoru-Ba (Kuuga)

Rhinoceros beetle Orphnoch (Faiz)

No Pic: TV Fly (Kamen Rider), Fly Undead (Blade), Mosquiras (Kamen Rider), Madarakajin (Skyrider), Camera Mosquito (V3), and Kikkaijin Bubunger (Stronger).
Fly Mutant (Black)

Musca Worm (Kabuto)

Culex Worm (Kabuto)

No Pic: Stag Kikkaijin (Stronger), Stag Undead (Blade), Quoit Stag beetle (V3)
Stag Beetle Mutant (Black)

Stag Beetle Orphnoch (Faiz)

No Pic: Scorpion Human (Kamen Rider), Scorpion Imagin (Den-O), Scorpion Kikkaijin (Stronger), and there was a Scorpion Mutant in KR Black CD drama.
Go-Zazaru-Ba (Kuuga)

Leiurus Acutia (Agito)

Scorpion Orphnoch (Faiz)

Scorpio Worm (Kabuto)

Verber Worm Rota (Kabuto)
2 forms.

No Pic: Mukaderas (Kamen Rider), Centipede Beastman (Amazon)
Centipede Mutant (Black)

Centipede Orphnoch (Faiz)

Geophilid Worm (Kabuto)

No Pic: Mantis Lord (Kuuga), Mantis Undead (Blade), Mantis Man (Kamen Rider the First), Mantis Imagin (Den-O), Mantis Beastman (Amazon) and Mantis Fangire (Kiva).
Mantis Mutant (Black)

Mantis Orphnoch (Faiz)

Sectio Worm Acuere (Kabuto)
2 Forms.

No Pics: Dokugandar's Imago Form (Kamen Rider), Murderous Dokugahra (V3), Eidokugar--sting-ray combo with moth (Kamen Rider), Dokuga-Roid (Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!!), Moth Undead (Blade), Gynagamoth (Black RX), Moth Fangire (Kiva), and Dokuganba (Skyrider).
Slug Moth Mutant (Black)

Butterfly Orphnoch (Faiz Movie)

No Pics: Spider Imagin (Den-O), Spider Undead (Blade), Spider Man (Kamen Rider), and Syringe Spider (V3), Spider Kikkaijin (Stronger).
Spider Mutants (Black)

Koumori Woman (ZO)

Dispider (Ryuki)

Solospider (Ryuki)

Respider (Ryuki)
Joro Spider

Mispider (Ryuki)
Purseweb Spider

Spider Orphnoch (Faiz)

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