Sunday, July 11, 2010

Animals (and flowers) used for the Monsters Part 4

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UPDATED 7/13/10

This is the last post for now, it seems to be that the most used animals are Mantis, Frogs, and Primates. I might forget some since there are sooooo many animals. I will only go by the Super Sentai names because there so many. I will also cover the 'Zyu 2' monsters made for PR. Also not counting generals. Anything from before Jetman, I have the picture on Super but it is a grid of a bunch of them and I don't feel like cropping it and make a bunch of new pictures.

Of course I will be missing some or if you think there any other animals that are used alot, so politely tell me which ones!

Dora Jin (Zyuranger)

Herugerosu (GoGoV)

Fagurlu Space Wolves (Hurricanger)
3 become 1.

Kou (Gekiranger)

No Pic: Dotagalar (Moth) in Denziman, Moth Mozoo (Goggle V), and Poison Moth (Bioman)
Poison Moth Nejire (Megaranger)

Buroogen (GoGoV)

Jeeruda (GoGoV)

Fusyokuruga (Hurricanger)

Dora Unicorn (Zyuranger)

Haku (Gekiranger)

FISH (7)
I grouped the fish together.
No Pics: Ancient Fish Monster (Battle Fever J) and Fish
Monger of Sun Vulcan
Torpedo Piranha (Jetman)

Goo Fish (MMPR S1)

Prantishead (MMPR S2)

Bonito Fish-Fishing Rod-Olive

Pouote (Gekiranger)

No Pic: Iguana Doggler (Maskman), Gecko Mozoo (GoggleV), and Gecko Shinka (Dynaman).
Laser Lizard (Jetman)

Lizzinator (MMPR S1)
Zyu 2 monster, doesn't look much like a lizard.

Saliguana (MMPR S2)

NejiSophia (Megaranger)

Lizard Nejilar (Megaranger)

Moriya (Gekiranger)
Gecko, it is a lizard.

No Pic: Squid Shinka (Dynaman) and Umitsular (Parastic Squid) in Denjiman.
Kinmokuseikamikakushi (Abaranger)
Squid-osmanthus- kamikakushi


No Pic: Cockroach Monger (Sun Vulcan). Gurinjji (Gingaman) turned out not to be cockroach. Thanks Larry!
Adhesive Cockroach (Jetman)

II Goki-Chan (Carranger)

GG Goki-Chan (Carranger)

No Pic: Armor Rose (Dynaman), Balar ("Roseler") in Denjiman, and Rose Dolgin (Fiveman). I know there is plenty of Torinoids in Abaranger that have flowers and plants in them, but I am only covering monsters completely inspired by flowers.
Dora Narcissus (Zyuranger)

Bloom of Doom (MMPR S2)
Zyu 2 monster.

Rose Nejire (Megaranger)

Papetongu (GoGoV)

Hanasakkadoshi (Hurricanger)

No Pic: Dynaman's Cactus Shinka
General Cactus (Dairanger)

Bara Cactus 1 & 2 (Ohranger)
Two of them.

Petit Jericho (Magiranger)

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Mugen said...

Are you only counting flowers or plants in general? Because if you count them in General, you are missing Dairanger's creepy Saboten Shougun /General Cactus aswell as Ohranger's way more symphatic Bara Cactus Brothers...

Anonymous said...

Wolf monsters in Gogov (Cerberus). Several fish monsters and a squid in Gingaman. Flower monster in Dairanger