Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gokaiger 42 and 43 Preview





Coming up this month: Ep 43 is Don-Marvelous ep; Ep 44 is Battle Fever tribute with Kenji Oba as Battle Kenya, Luka and Gai Christmas ep (airs the 25th of December), Gai turns into a doll and 45 is rumored to be the Kakuranger episode.


Dessa said...

Man, this episode was amazing. I just wish I understood more of it. Don meeting up with Luka and then the others was hilarious, especially how Marvelous dubbed him Hakase.

And then it ended even worse than 37, and I have to wait a whole week for the next one! Curse it!

So 44 is BFJ and the Christmas episode? It sounds interesting, and I think this'll be the first time Luka's counterpart has been the returning character, and Luka gets to interact with him (other than Hurricanger, which had 3 instead of just one).

Dessa said...

Oh, just had a thought. Could you maybe do a post about which characters' counterparts have shown up (Reds for Marvelous, etc), and who they interacted with? Well, interacted with most or specifically, I guess, since a lot interacted with the whole team.

ThatChick said...

That picture with Battle Kenya with a panda was from the movie, not episode 44. Episode 44 is the Christmas Episode.

diets said...

saw pics off a whole pink gokai change finally :p hehe