Sunday, December 4, 2011

40 VS 199! May 2012!

Kamen Rider vs. Sentai movie "Superhero Taisen" May 2012

Confirmed cast includes:
* Masahiro Inoue (Decade)
* Ryota Ozawa (Gokaired)
* Rina Akiyama (Naomi from Den-O)
* Kenjiro Ishimaru (Owner/Stationmaster from Den-O)
* Momotaros

Gokaiger and Decade come together. Dimensions are doomed. Fourze and the Gobusters will have some sort of subplot in the movie. According to Dukemon22 to the link, the producers said the movie was hard to pull off because of the sheer number of stage show and stage actors they had to hire to fill all the suit acting positions.


Paolo1350 said...

Toei hooks me with Gokaiger, reels me in with 199 Heroes Great Battle and Let's Go Kamen Riders and will gut me with this "dreams come true" movie!

LUKE said...

Masahiro Inoue and Ryota Ozawa; this two character seem the same at one point...and I am excited about this =D

Anonymous said...

it really is the end of the world...
"uchuu kitaAAA!!"

Unknown said...

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