Sunday, December 4, 2011

Samurai Plushes and Masks

All around the country, people have been spotting Samurai Rangers Battlers and Red and Gold Mega Masks at Toys R Us. I finally saw them at Toys R Us in Miami, namely at the International Mall of Doral. The 18 inch Battlers have the voices of Alex Heartman, Hector David Jr. and Najee De-Tiege with many many various sounds for around $25. There is the smaller plushies with plastic heads and hands in green, Blue and Red for 14.99 and the masks are like around 15-20, I forget. Masks in Red and Gold, They are a tight fit but fit my big fat head. Also saw the super mode toys, Armor changers, auxiliary Zord re-issues, ad Figuarts red and Gold. No shark zord and no females at my area yet. And they have the stand you see above and the regular area.

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