Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Power Rangers Key Stealers

I know this happened with the Power Cards of Megaforce but there is a difference from stealing a skinny cardboard than an actual product with weight to it. For one thing the plastic makes more noise when opening it. I do not condone these actions. Toy thefts are common. I have a friend of a friend who used to switch old G.I. Joe or Star Wars figures in the packaging of new ones.
  took this picture, someone stole Green and Blue Samurai Ranger Keys. This was at a Target.

  took this picture, someone stole both pairs of keys from Legendary Morpher.

 @zeroxepher took a picture of this, someone took Green Super Megaforce Key from the Super Mega Blaster at Toys R Us.

I forgot where this one came from, I think Razzle spotted this one.

I took this picture of someone took a Red Time Force Key from Wal-Mart in Hialeah, Florida.

Zeo Racer Zord found without key.

@josReason spotted this in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Jonathan said...

That's 20 kinds of evil. If you don't want the toy, donate it. Don't deprive people willing to pay for the keys.

Even if I didn't work at a TRU once, this would still make sick. :(

Unknown said...

I guess we're lucky Go-Busters doesn't have a collectible, because that means when it comes to the U.S. it won't go through this.

Jonathan said...

Nicholas: I hate to be a pessimist but that's only good for how long Go-Busters' adaptation lasts.

Trust me, Go-Busters likely won't escape unscathed. I've seen figures taken out of the package. Makes a mess for employees and is an embarrassment to them.

Respect to those that don't.

Unknown said...

My son and I bought a key toy today and of course he found the app and I thought hmm; got home and realized no key!nim taking back to Kmart in Palatka. I can't believe this actually happens.
Like seriousl? A key? If you can't afford it buy a diff app!