Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 - Day of the Dumpster & High Five - Ep Review


Day of the Dumpster Episode Review
No, no, no, no. Why? Why?

Not only does the show get a new opening sequence, the show has been tampered with. They pause scenes with backgrounds or pop-ups or designs. None of the pictures here have been doctored or photoshopped by me at all. I am sure all fans will not agree with this and will be just baffled at why this was done. If this was edited for time, they cut off stuff to add these pauses. So far I cant tell what has been cut out. Funny enough, they used the new logo for the opening but not for the ABC Kids stuff, the old logo is used.

The show does not benefit at all from these new pauses, they obviously were done for the kids and are done sparingly but almost feels like those... I cant believe I'm saying old when they were once the new thing but those old VH1 pop-up music videos--combined with how DiC handled Sailor Moon transitions with superimposed graphics. From what I can tell no audio has been altered--well some sound was added with these new graphics (remember the transitional tiaras?).

And no, no, they added Batman-esque graphics (Oof, bam!). If MMPR wasnt considered goofy enough.

[Above scenes have not been revisioned]
Also, weird jumps and goofs have not been edited out, for example when Rita attacks the non-powered teens, you can clearly see the Rangers from the pilot, Jason in his white shirt. Everything comes with a price right? Why couldn't they just leave the episode alone? Edit the mistakes and leave it at that?

And I know I sound like those purist fans, like how George Lucas accuses fans of wanting things to be like when they were kids, but its true--this was just not necessary. The original show was not perfect, I can admit that, it had its mistakes, but this new alterations will just alienate old fans. And kids will just find it strange, as it is not your usual forte with live-action shows. This is a Double-edged sword for fans for sure.

But with the Megazord fight, ooh do I miss the long Megazord battles, as with RPM, they were like 30 seconds long. Oh and like all other seasons on ABC Kids, the credits are over the last scene and the old Saban logo is used at the end. Not even a Disney logo or Buena Vista? They didn't want to take credit for their sins?

The cuts are small and aren't really violence or anything, I think they were cut for time.

In the beginning, the ship heading to another planet (original on left). In Zyuranger, it was the planet Nemesis that got near the Earths moon. They just used it briefly here and quickly cross dissolve transition (new shot on right) to the astronauts going to the dumpster. They added more stars and made the blue sky dark to look more like the moon and not nemesis.

The planet Nemesis next to the moon is cut out in this version. Ever wonder why the sky was blue on the moon in the original show? Because it wasn't the moon! It was another planet. When we first see the Youth Center, the first main character we see is Kimberly, this shot is cut out and the sparing between Jason & Billy are shortened. The first shot we see now is them.

When we got back to see Rita's palace on the moon, this shot left is cut out. When Rita attacks the Rangers, this right shot is cut out, it was like a second long.

The scene when the Putties get around Kimberly, she screams, this was cut out with a pause with new graphics. When the Rangers morph, Goldar tells the Putties to attack, this shot was cut and most of the fighting is tightened (shortened).

High Five Episode Review
I will not be writing a summary because we all know the story: Trini has a fear of heights and must overcome it to save Billy. They also fight a skeleton monster named Bones.

The narrator at the beginning starts the same with the ep preview before the opening sequence, same thing. In the ep itself, no annoying edits until one minute in, when Jason falls on Billy. Lordy, no, why? Wooosh? What? And why are the Anime-esque moments used as well? Like when they put lighting effects between Jason & Skull?

And from the original show, why did Zordon say 'latest invention' to Billy (about the communicators) if that was the first invention he knew of? Back to the edits, why didn't they just add a laugh track or silhouetted fans superimposed over the ep adding commentary ala Mystery Science Theater 3000? That would have been an mass improvement to what they really did. (that was a joke.) There is Revisioning Credit.

In this ep when Rita and her goons send the shuttle, in the original it was without this red and green stuff like top right. This is all Japanese footage. They added Find: Power Rangers but the shuttle was not looking for them. The rainbow color time warp thingy was already there, not new.

The morphing sequence is the same, only the lighting bolt has changed (Above left), that's all.

Here are the people to credit to this:
James Simone
Dan Evans III
Ernie Sheesley
Denny densmore
Loren White
David Butterworth
Terry T. Marlin
These people liste
d above were merely hired to do this, I highly doubt this was their idea or all their doing. I wish ABC Kids got enough ratings for this to be canceled but I highly doubt it will, it will have low ratings anyway so they will just think it is normal as always. I looked over this ep and from what I can tell, there is no cuts from the original source.

[Above scenes have not been revision] has compiled great comparsions


Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me. *facepalm* First not brining over Shinkenger this year, now all this cheesy re-editing?

Anonymous said...

WHAT THE F%@! did Disney do with the opening sequence?! It Sucks!!! Why?! Why?! Why?!

Bridge said...

Wait... did they even re-do viewing globe scenes? (That screencap from "High Five" looks... off.)

Anonymous said...

Dude, I was excited to watch the original Power Rangers with my son...He is five and has watched every season so when I found out they were coming to ABC Kids, we were stoked but the revisioning sucks!

Lavender Ranger said...

Bridge, they didn't revision the globe scene, I capped it to show they didn't tamper with every scene.

Dizzy said...

How about a new feature for Henshin Grid: taking the original episode and the "remastered" episode and pointing out changes and differences?

Lavender Ranger said...

Dizzy, I would do it, but when you see it, it is obvious what the differences are. You can see from the caps I have supplied. I am sure many fans will put more caps up. Ill just put some more now to tide you guys over.

Anonymous said...

I love the original power rangers, but the remake made it look like a crappy comic book. And the background makes it really stupid. I still say they should have done shinkenger instead.

Anonymous said...

Blaaargh, i thought they would like remake all the characters, not do this ****, its so horrible...

Unknown said...

The remastered episodes were cool, but the comic book stuff and the "pow", "swoosh" etc stuff was so unnecessary.

Dizzy said...

I'd heard rumours that building explosions and stuff are gonna be taken out - wonder if that's the case here.

Angelic One said...

Censorship has gone a long way...

Mark said...

Oh my God! The special effects make it look like its STILL from the 90s...only in a MUSIC VIDEO FROM KRIS KROSS!!!


Anonymous said...

HaHa! i was stoked to see this season again but with this shit they're pulling off forget it!

Kamen Rider Onyx said...

You all are over reacting.This remastering of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is great and has convinced me to buy the little figures(not the moprh and mix crap)as well as a megazord.This gives Power Rangers a fresh and new look and feel that will make "smart" older fans watch it again to see all cool retro stuff.Stop whinning you elitists!

Reny said...

HMF...they just don't respect the fans. I would like to see how long the Disney can maintain after running out of idea. Mark my words, when they become the history. I can't imagine the Marvel's fate...
Even I'm oredy 23, I just switch my channel to Ben 10...

Kandou Erik said...

WOW - ..... Just, that's just.... wow.

I know a lot of people who perfered Super Sentai to Power Rangers - but even Power Ranger fans will hate this. There's just no reason for it. And, it also looks like it was a photo-shop job of a ten year old.

I bet you anything they decided to do this for the sole reason of being able to say the series is "Remastered". They probably then realized they can't exactly remaster the series very much, since it's footage from the 90s.

You might say that most kid and viewers won't know anything is wrong - because to them this might be brand new. But this series was advertised as "The Return" of the Original Power Rangers. To announce that and then give us this.... Just.... Wow.... Just stupidity.

Anonymous said...

This is a complete insult to PR ...period. I started with the show in 1993...and to do this... this...what were they thinking..why couldn't they just re-air the original footage?

You know they already edited out buildings getting destroyed (9/11 sensitivity), they started doing that right after 9/11. Now as I can see the show is going to be butchered..maybe I should keep my old VHS episodes after all...and most likely this is the crap that will get put out on DVD. Sad.

Unsigned said...

More like "Day of Disaster"! I cannot believe this was done to our beloved MMPR!

On the plus side, is one else excited that Rose McIver is in "The Lovely Bones"?

Anonymous said...

" alpha teleport 5 overbearing and over emotional teen" lol

Toughturnips said...

To one of the Anonymous comments:

9/11 sensitivity huh? 'Didn't seem to effect the RPM finale with Gem and Gemma in their flying zords from firing at government building in the finale.

GreenRanger93 said...

I am an original mighty morphin power rangers fan when i was a kid i was tommy the green ranger i remember watching the 1st episode when i was 5 on 8/28/93 it was great but if the s*** would have came on when i was a kid i would have never watched it again the cuts and stupid ass animations does the show no justice for the series to be done after 17yrs was sad but this is sadder i followed mmpr season 1-3 mmpr the movie and turbo the movie zeo turbo and in space and watched a little lost galaxy all those were classic rangers but when this new stupid s*** comes on it disgusts me all me true power ranger fans dont watch this let the ratings get this cancelled and if you do want to watch power rangers head on over to ebay and buy seasons 1 and 3 for 100 dollars its well worth the money and season 2 is out of print censorship my a** Disney you took out the stuff that made power rangers what it was and what it became