Thursday, September 30, 2010

Different Type of Power Rangers Fans

Now I am not trying to create a flame war by inciting different groups of fans or pegging fans into groups and saying they are just those traits and should remain in those groups, but in an effort to not be in a niche group and be more open to newcomers or non-Power Ranger fans, this post is about different type of fans. Now, these are my own opinions and not in any means set in stone. Fans can resemble different types of these fans and are not stuck in these roles, and can be one or two of these groups. I for example, I am little bit of them all. There could also be another group of fans not mentioned in this post. I do not want to divide fans, just highlight the variety of fans within a whole.

'Zordon Era' Longtime Fans
These are fans that grew up with PR and are still PR Fans and prefer the 'Zordon Era' (First Season to Sixth Season-In Space). They don't like the changing seasons and don't like anything after 'In Space.' Now, this can also include fans that haven't seen the Disney Era.

'Saban Era' Longtime Fans
These are fans that are still Power Ranger fans but don't like the 'Disney Era' and like everything from MMPR to Wild Force. They don't exactly have to love all the seasons but they have no major problems with Time Force, etc.

Former Power Ranger Fans
This includes my cousins who liked Power Rangers when it was popular. This group includes people who only saw the first few seasons and or grew up with it but no longer watch the show and no longer follow it. Also, this could include fans that didn't know it was still airing. Plus, those who wear Power Ranger adult shirts 'ironically.'

Power Ranger at Heart Fans
These are fans that grew up on Power Rangers as a kid and are now in early twenties and not gave up on Turbo like older fans but stopped watching around Lightspeed and Time Force, they still like it but can't follow it right now because of work or school. They are aware that the show is still on and about Disney but haven't seen the episodes. This includes my friend Sean.

'Saban Era' and 'Disney Era' Fans
I don't think there is fans that exclusively like Disney Era other than children, and most of them don't really know the difference between Saban and Disney, so these fans I am talking about are fans like me that like it all, regardless. Every season has its merits to me. These fans also include those that are used to the cast changing every year because of Super Sentai. I am a sub teacher and spoken to kids who used to watch Power Rangers, they give up somewhere around 1st and 2nd grade, one fourth grader told me he remember the Boom episode of SPD but he knew nothing of before SPD.

Power Ranger/Super Sentai Fans
Power Ranger fans that has learned about Super Sentai at one point, it had to be after 1993 but it doesn't matter what season after Power Rangers started. They had to be Power Ranger fans to begin with. For example, I know some fans that just discovered Super Sentai and I discovered it around when In Space was airing, so I consider us in the same group.

Power Rangers/Non-Super Sentai Fans
Power Ranger fans that don't like Super Sentai and find it silly and/or don't like to be spoiled so they don't follow Super Sentai not to be spoiled with the future of Power Rangers.

Super Sentai/Non-Power Rangers Fans
Believe or not, there are fans that only like Super Sentai and don't like Power Rangers. They might have grown up with Power Rangers but when they discovered Super Sentai, they no longer watch Power Rangers, nor follow it as much. They appreciate the Japanese culture and understand the comedy, violence, sexual innuendo and drama. OR they just grew up seeing Super Sentai. (Doesn't have to be in Japan, Super Sentai has been broadcasted through the years in Brazil, France, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, and even Hawaii and California in the U.S. on local access channels)

Long Time Tokusatsu Fans
These are people are in their late thirties or older that knew about Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and Ultraman before Power Rangers came out. They could have grown up with Tokusatsu or seen one series before Power Rangers started. They could like and watch Power Rangers or not follow it.

Now within all of these groups of fans, there are types that are common in any fandom (Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy, DC Comics, Marvel, etc.). I can even be like either or all of these types from time to time. And of course, there is probably other type of fans. You yourself, who is reading this, might not fit within these following perimeters:

Panicky Fans
Self-explanatory, they worry about every little thing. They jump the gun and start assumptions about things without any justification. They accept rumors as fact.

Over-Defensive Fans
Angry fans, who get insulted by any insulation and instantly start fighting with people.

Smug Fans
They are quickly dismissive of rumors and think they know better than everyone.

Calm Fans
Believe or not, they do exist, many that are very calm and take new news with a grain of salt and enjoy the ride.

Nit-Picky Fans
These fans pick every little detail, and most likely blame producers or writers or actors for a bad season. There are followers of the writers of an episode and blame the badness of the episode on the writer. There are fans that dislike the seasons produced by Bruce Kalish or Doug Sloan for example. There are some kind of nit-picky fans that nit-pick stuff like if the female Blue Rangers (Ninja Storm and Mystic Force) have different shades of blue.

Oblivious Fans
Fans who you can explain over and over again about facts and truths and they still don't get it. For example, they still don't understand why there wasn't a teamup in RPM.

Peacekeeper Fans
Fans that try to keep the peace between fandoms.

Also, Power Ranger fans aren't always exclusively fans of Tokusatsu, we step our feet in everything. For example, I am also a big hardcore Buffy fan.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. You've pretty much summed up every type of fan. I liked it.

Unknown said...

I am a mix of "Power Ranger/Super Sentai Fan" and the "Calm Fan" types. I have watched every season/series of the show since the beginning, way back when. "Lightspeed Rescue" nearly dealt my fanboy level of love for PR a deathblow, but I persevered.

I am eagerly awaiting the first sneak peek at "PR - Samurai" to see what they are going to do with "Shinkenger". But I got to say I wish they would skip that and go for "Goseiger" but that's only because of my love for the ZOrds in that series.

Brad Sharp (Brandon Nead Condinzio Sharp) said...

"Calm Power Ranger/Super Sentai/Buffy & Angel Fan" here, too. ^_^ Been there since day one and never left. Love it all. Imported and watched a few Super Sentai episodes and movies. I liked the cursing and blood, but I do prefer Power Rangers overall. I was also the collector fan; had to get a morpher(s) and weapon(s) from each series. ^_^

Fantasy Leader said...

There are some fans out there who watch Power Rangers JUST for Tommy. Which would pretty much include any season that stars him.

Luca said...

I am a 16 year old Disney-only fan and rather furious that all of the PR shirts at Hot Topic are MMPR. I also sometimes go to anime conventions as the "Annoyed Ranger" and argue with everybody who says they like Saban better.

Anonymous said...

Maybe i am the "Power Ranger/Super Sentai/Kamen Rider" Fans. I have watched since the first season aired in Indonesia, but lately i found about Super Sentai, and I think that the show was quite cool and comedic. But i love them both, because they represent American's and Japanese' way of view.

Btw, thanks for mentioning my country haha

Luca said...

I never actually watched PR until around the time of Ninja Storm. I've also caught some re-runs of Saban PR, but the poor special effects are a big turn-off for me. I just only like 21st century toku. And I'm much more into Kamen Rider than Power Rangers. I first found out about Kamen Rider when it bombed in America as Dragon Knight, but I had loved anime characters who I was unaware were Kamen Rider parodies all my life. Kamen Rider had appeared to me subliminally about three times in October of 2009, and once I finally watched it I was like OH MY GODZILLA THIS IS LIKE THE PERFECT SHOW FOR ME!!!! I love how dramatic it is! To me, Kamen Rider is an epic soap opera. I like it better than PR/Sentai because sentai has too many small child characters and not much turns giant in Kamen Rider. The best thing about sentai is that there are several hot guys in each sentai instead of just one Kamen Rider.

Lavender Ranger said...

Yeah I thought of mentioning Kamen Rider, but since I started by saying it was Power Ranger fans, I figured to leave it out.

Unknown said...

I like the continuity of themes and characters from the Zordon Era, but I still like a lot of the stuff that's come out since then (especially the advancements in special effects). I'm not really a Saban or Disney Era fan, I've always liked them both and seen the good and bad in each.

I watched all the seasons all the way up to SPD. Then I kinda stopped because of school and life taking over, plus I didn't care for the whole "I believe in magic" thing of Mystic Force. So I only saw a few eps of that, and the 15th anniversary episode in OO... I didn't really start watching again until RPM (which I LOVED).

As for Sentai, I've watched an episode or two of most of the seasons, just to see the differences, but I've never really had the time to follow it too extensively.

AmandaBear said...

I fall into the category of "Just Sentai/Non-Power Ranger Fan". Though I did grow up with Power Rangers and would watch it everytime it came on Fox Kids, I was way more into shows like Digimon and Dragon Ball Z. Power Rangers RPM is the only PR show I really love as an adult, so it's the exception. But other than RPM, I just stick to Sentai. Can't help but absolutely love the original.

OH, and I'm a fan of Xena: Warrior Princess as well. :) And I think that's the reason why I can enjoy Sentai so much. Xena is similar to Sentai in that it features camp, over-the-top fight scenes, drama and violence, sexual innuendo, and superhero-like characters.

Unknown said...

LOVE your post to bits. I'm definitely a Saban Era-Only fan (stopping at Time Force which I believe was the last Saban series? not Wildforce?), maybe because I couldn't get over my dislike for lame cellphone morphers, lol. They're not practical! But whatever, we're all still Power Ranger fans, and besides, debate is fun! As long as we don't kill each other by the throats, it's all good.

Power Rangers in Space and Time Force were definitely my favorites-I even purchased some megazords, blasters, and morphers this week for nostalgia's sake. As for the other series, I couldn't stand Turbo though because of the kid ranger- totally threw me off-and I disliked Lightspeed because the characters' personalities weren't attractive, PLUS they didn't arrive very practically to the scene of the crime due to them always having to arrive in the same lame jeep LOL. Truth to be told, i didn't get very far into that series...and after that, high school kept me too busy for the TV.

Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for writing this blog. I really enjoyed it. Hope to go to Power Morphicon next year!!!