Sunday, September 26, 2010

Poll Results: DVD Set / Power Rangers Samurai

What would be most important for you in a Power Rangers DVD box set?
Deleted Scenes - 118 of 695 votes from 170 people
Picture Quality - 117
Good Sound - 111 Box Set Cover Art - 77
Audio Commentary - 73  
Easter Eggs - 72
One Ranger Pic Per Disc - 64
Audition Tapes - 63
Seems most people are concerned about Picture and Sound, that's good.

You Would Buy A Power Rangers Box Set if...
Came with DVD Extras - 60 of 137 votes
Was Affordable - 44
None Above Needed - 22
Came with Something Free - 11
With 'Came with Something Free,' I was thinking about like when Cutie Honey the Live came with a tin box or some DVDs come with T-shirts, apparently everyone just wants Extras.

What do you think about the name Power Rangers Samurai?
Love It - 63 of 152 votes
Don't Mind - 53
Don't Care for It - 28
Hate it - 8

What do you think about Power Rangers Samurai lasting two years instead of one?
Awesome - 61 of 135 votes
Don't Know yet - 38
Hope they use the rumored mini-series - 18
It's not true - 18

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Brad Sharp (Brandon Nead Condinzio Sharp) said...

You inspired me to tweak your little collage. Since you forgot Alien Rangers, I put those back in. ALso, I kinda dig the new MM logo better, that's why I made two. Hope ya like! ^_^