Friday, October 1, 2010

Perverts, Pedophiles and Scoundrels in Super Sentai

Super Sentai is unique to Power Rangers in that it has more deaths, blood, violence, and sexual innuendo, including perverts, pedophiles, rapists and etc. Now, the majority of these characters are villains, but there is also been a few minor characters, allies, even Rangers with certain undesirable traits. I might be missing some.

Master Elehan Kempo (Gekiranger, 2007)
I am not sure if there were perverted allies in Super Sentai before but Elehan definitely comes to mind. He had a thing for grabbing women, especially his student Ran but she quickly established boundaries. He didn't seem to have a thing for little girls as Miki let her young daughter near him and he didn't try anything--but it could be that she openly didn't put up with his behavior that he knew better but of course being perverted doesn't equate being a pedophile. The Japanese culture are more open to having perverted characters and writers like showing them.

Kou (Kibaranger/Dairanger-1993)
Kou was just a kid, and kids are mischievous. He grabbed Lin's boob when he first met her and he even used his chi powers as Kibaranger to blow girls' skirts up, But after his initial appearance, he never did this behavior again. I believe he is the only Ranger to be so overt in this behavior. Most male Rangers have been respective to women, I think some of the early ones may have been womanizers but all the series I've seen they have respected women.

Now here are villains and monsters that have had that behavior...
Onbu-Obake (1996)
Onbu-Obake of Ohranger Vs. Kakuranger was a Youkai that was a male pervert and rapist. He had a fetish for young, pretty girls, whom he would abduct to take their souls with a few licks from his long tongue. He would also possess people.

General Cactus (1993)
I have mixed feelings about this guy. He was a pedophile and would get little girls, paralyze them and use them as dolls. Now why it bothers me is because he was effeminate, like the producers were equating that homosexuals are the same thing as pedophiles. It used to be a old stereotype that people thought pedophiles were gay. Even back in the 70's or something a LGBT organization briefly acknowledged pedophiles part of them but very briefly and retracted it. Anyway, I would like to think that they just added the effeminate thing because to be colorful, that he liked girls and not boys.

In Abaranger (2003), when Mahoro (Later known as Jannu) was taken by the Evorian, she was pregnant with Asuka's child. The child would have been called Kasumi. Nobody knew she was pregnant. She and Mizuho went to fight Dezumorzorlya and they were captured in the process. Dezumozorlya sent his demon seed through her to create Rije, so basically Mahoro was raped by Dezumorlya.

In Magiranger, Smoky was really gross and mischievous, he grabbed Urara's boobs once, he farted in everyone's faces now and he gave a black magic book to Tsubasa.

I know I missed a bunch, let me know. I like that allies have been allowed to not be perfect, it is only the villains that are perverts, etc. I mean, of course no ally or hero has been a rapist.

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Wow! I had NO idea! I'm glad none of this crossed over to Power Rangers! LOL! Thanks for the (disturbing) history lesson!