Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Female Hime Shinken Red in Merchandise

Bandai Japan has not made a female Shinken Red figure, and strangely there has been no new Girls in Uniform figures (I hope it has not been discontinued) but there are some pieces of Shinkenger merchandise that has the lady Shinken Red / Princess Karou.

She got the cover of this DVD selection, I am not sure which volume it is, it is either the finale or penultimate DVD.

Shinken Red with a skirt has a Dice-O card. I want this card so bad. It is just titled 'Shinken Red.'

Hence having a card, she appears in Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O video game.

Princess Shinken Red Figuarts

The picture below is strictly fan-made:
Above picture has two male Shinken Red toys, both in regular and super mode. The female Shinken Red figure above however is a fan creation, the person took the Shinken Red helmet and put it on a Shinken Pink body and repainted it red. This is what I suspect Power Ranger fans might do with the Power Ranger Samurai figures if Bandai America does not release a female Shinken Red. It could be as easy to make like that for them, use the female mold and attached a Red Ranger head and sell it in a set. According to my poll, the most popular idea with fans is to release the said figure along with 4 other figures, preferably blue, yellow, green and pink.

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Anonymous said...

That DVD is Vol. 11.