Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Villain Profile: Dark Specter

Dark Specter was first referenced in the last episode of Turbo, said to be the leader of the Alliance of Evil and was called the Grand Monarch of Evil. He was revealed to be the boss of Lord Zedd, the Machine Empire, and Divatox. His costume is the same as Maligore, the monster the Turbo Megazord fights in Turbo: A Power Rangers movie. This is referenced when he first appears in the first episode of Power Rangers in Space by Divatox, when she mentions he resembles her ex-fiance. Christopher Cho provided the voice. I really believe there was no changes from Maligore to Dark Specter, maybe his teeth are closer together and sometimes his eyes look yellow instead of red. But he has always glowed. Dark Specter was much larger than any Megazord and seemed to be standing in space. A big boss standing in space was inspired by the main boss in Carranger--Exhaus, who was used as Goldgolye in Turbo.

Dark Specter was also inspired by Dark Javious in Megaranger, the main villain. But we never saw him. He took over their headquarters (known as the Dark Fortress in PR) and became a monster. This footage was used for Tankenstein. Dark Specter and Dark Javious were both connected to the Psycho Rangers/Neji Ranger and their powers were weakened when those rangers were weaken. Dark Specter and Maligore are original creations with no direct Sentai connections. There was going to be a Maligore toy but that never happened. Many fans don't like him or don't really think much of him or remember who he is, I think because he was a bit of dues ex machina---where he was this big boss but never mentioned in the first seasons. To be fair, Lord Zedd wasn't mentioned in season 1 and Rito and Master Vile were not mentioned in the first two seasons.

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Luca said...

There was actually a character by that name? No way! Dark Specter is what I would call this black kitten I had who would hide under my bed and try to stick his claws out and attack unsuspecting people.