Monday, October 25, 2010

Power Rangers: Betrayers/'X-Factors' Villains

The following are wild cards, they can't be trusted.

Louie Kaboom (Zeo, 1996)
Created by Rita and Zedd, he betrayed them and took over the Machine Empire. His reign was short as he was destroyed by the Rangers.

Darkonda (PRiS, 1998)
A wild card, he worked on his own, he betrayed Ecliptor and Dark Specter. He conveniently had many lives, so he could die and return. He was the one who kidnapped Karone. He ended up suicide bombing Dark Specter.

Deviot (PRLG, 1999)
Much like Darkonda, he worked for his own devices. Deviot brought in two Galactabeasts that he brainwashed. Deviot gained a new form when he harnessed the power of the Galaxy book, but was defeated by the Rangers. He was later absorbed by Trakeena when the two entered the coccoon, but his evil influence was apparent in this new entity.

Olympius (PRLR, 2000)
He was like a new villain and new general, but he had plans of his own and opposed by the other villains, so I will consider him a wild card.

Frax (PRTF, 2001)
He once a scientist and was the only human that was good to Ransik. Ransik betrayed him and Frax became a robot, joined Ransik and designed to betray him from the inside. Alas, Ransik erased the humanity from Frax, leading Nadira to question her father.

Zenaku (PRWF, 2002)
Zenaku was in reality the Lunar Wolf Ranger, but he was cursed, he was expected to behave and follow orders, but he didn't.

Vexacus (PRNS, 2003)
He was a bounty hunter in search of Skyla (who gave Shane his Battlizer). He killed Zurgane and Motodrone. He was betrayed by Kapri and Marah, of all people and was destroyed by the Rangers.

Broodwing (SPD, 2005)
He, unlike the other wild cards, he came into the scene by the first episode. Well, Frax did too. Anyhoo, he was a spy that made it clear he was only loyal to himself, not even Grumm. Broodwing sought revenge on Gruumm, when he starts ordering him to offer his services while refusing to pay and was ultimately detained by the heroes.

Imperious (PRMF, 2006)
He was a second general, but he did betrayed the Mystic crew long before and then tried to get Koragg in trouble. He challanged Daggeron to a duel, even though he did cheat by teleporting Jenji in his hand when Daggeron was going to send his final blow, he was still destroyed.

Fearcats (PROO, 2007)
Even though there was different sects of villains and they weren't all together, the Fearcats were a bit of a wild card, that they almost defeated the Rangers--showing up on the other groups.

Kilobyte (RPM, 2009)
Kilobyte was definitely an X-factor, as soon as he came in, he made it apparent he was out to make trouble, by pissing off Tenaya. He started out as Venjix's confidant, knowing Tenaya was human, but he soon became second fiddle when defeated by the Rangers, he tried activating a hybrid but was thinking small, as Venjix already planned to do a mass activation, he was upset at Kilobyte for working on his own. Ultimately Kilobyte was destroyed by the Rangers when he tried killing Tenaya and Dillon.

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