Saturday, October 30, 2010

Power Rangers Monster of the Day Toys

King Sphinx
King Sphinx was just a monster of the day and was meant to be more involved but his costume was a mess), he got a 8 inch figure, a PVC figurine, a figure in Micro Machines and Tomy AFX race set sold in Canada. Another figure (not pictured) came in a set with Rita, Squatt, Goldar and others.

Bones, villain from the second episode was made.

5.5 inch Space Aliens Series Two
Invenusable Flytrap, Robogoat, Lord Zedd, Z-Putty, Goldar, and Pythor (never appeared in any series).

8 inch Space Aliens Series Two
Rhino Blaster, Pirantishead, Lord Zedd, Soccadillo, Goo Fish (not pictured), Guitardo (not pictured)

5.5 inch Action Feature Evil Space Aliens Series One
Pudgy Pig, Slippery Shark, Minotaur, Two-Headed Parrot, Snizzard, Eyeguy, Knasty Knight, Spider, Drammole, Grumble Bee, Peckster, Stag Beetle.

Third Season: Vampyrus, Rito, Witchblade (never released), Master Vile, Slotsky, Barbaric Brother, Steamy Meanie (never appeared on PR--only Kakuranger).

8 Inch Third Season: Merrick the Barbaric, Calcifire (never appeared on PR--only Kakuranger), Master Vile, and Silent Knight (never appeared on PR--only Kakuranger).

PVC Figurines Series Three - Rito, Master Vile, Lord Zedd, Silent Knight were to be released but weren't.

5 1/2" Evil Space Aliens
Drill-spinning Drill Master, Missile-launching Quadrafighter, Missile-firing Mechanizer, Chest-beating Cogs.

In Zeo, 5.5" Evil Space Aliens - Clawing Alien (Mace Face), Drilling Digster, Missile Firing Staroid, Missile Aiming Silo, Rapid Sword Swinging Goldar, Air-Pumping Cannon Rito Revolto, 1-2-3 Punch-a-Bunch.

For Turbo, Griller was a monster that was released.

Hammeron and Amphibtor were Turbo Monsters that were also released. Hammeron (mis-labeled as Visceron above) appeared in Carranger but not in Power Rangers. Visceron (named Hammeron above) was an ally. After Turbo, not much monsters were made.

Magmavore was made in Bandai Japan and then later for BOA. He was the last monster of the day figure made.

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Luca said...

I remember once I caught a rerun of the Pudgy Pig episode. I didn't know what to think since I was used to the more serious plots of 21st century PR.