Sunday, December 5, 2010

Goukaiger Helmets

There has been talk about the shape of the visors of the new 2011 Super Sentai. Some say they look like other past Rangers, especially of modern ones (Hurricanger, Magiranger, Abaranger, etc.). But I see more similarity to Goranger. The more obvious one being Go-kai Pink and Momo Ranger, the heart shape on the helmet. Now, the visors are not obviously just like them, but they do at least have some similarities. Go-kai Red definitely looks a bit like Aka Ranger, a little more squarish and modern, but not as round as Aka Ranger. Now Go-kai Green doesn't look too much like Mido Ranger, it is not much like a 'V.' The Go-kai Green does do look a bit like a flatter boomerang. But Go-aki Yellow looks a bit more like Mido Ranger visor but rounder.

Go-kai Green's visor is a straight line or round as Ki Ranger's visor but it is closer than the Go-kai Yellow. Go-kai Blue looks a bit like Ao Ranger, but the original visor, the pointy end goes north and Go-kai Blue's point goes upwards. So they are not super super obvious or close, but you got to admit they are a bit alike. It would make sense that the visors looked a bit similar, as the Goranger are the original Sentai. Disagree with me all you want. Oh yeah, it is also true they have collars, but the Goranger had capes, so maybe it is why I overlooked it.


Unknown said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention that both teams have collars(which look cool btw)! Though I still think they all have stronger similarities in color and design when compared to magiranger, goseiger, and shinkenger. I'm glad sentai is getting more detailed designs so they look less like body suits.

LUKE said...

erm...why talk nobdoy abt the monster that look like Datas in Gosieger ?

Have a look...the 1st monster resembles datas

Anonymous said...

Say, LR, I noticed two errors on your site: in the GoGoV section, the monster "Doguru" mistakenly uses the picture of the monster "Spiderus." You have a picture of the actual Doguru under the Lightspeed Rescue section, so please change it. As well, in the Ohranger section, you forgot Bara Devil (Fortissimodo in PR).

Lavender Ranger said...

thank you agent-chliever, next time e-mail me because I might not remember