Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Poll: Who would you count as part as the 200 heroes of Sentai? (Pick Ten)

DISCLAIMER: I had to do the poll again in order to add Gosei Green.
The following are warriors that may or may not be classified under the 200 Super Sentai heroes. That I counted, there are 185 that can officially can be considered main heroes. Some of the following have received toys and some haven't, some only appeared in one episode or in a movie, which others appeared in various episodes. Some were villains that help fight along good one or twice. Others do not look like the rest of the team, have no human form and are considered more as auxiliary warriors, but not Rangers.
  1. Mask X-1:
    Appeared in one Episode
  2. Ninjaman:
    Does not have human form nor looks like the other; had toy
  3. Gunmajin:
    Does not have human form nor looks like the others; had toy
  4. Signal Man:
    Doesn't have human form nor looks like the others; had toy
  5. VRV Master:
    Appeared rarely, didn't look like the others; no toy in Japan
  6. White Racer:
    a fan hero, appeared in two episodes
  7. Bull Black:
    doesn't look like the others; had toy
  8. Demon Hunter Sieg:
    appeared in movie
  9. Sieg-Jeanne:
    appeared in movie
  10. AbareMax:
    power-up but received toy
  11. Deka Swan:
    appeared in 2 episodes
  12. Deka Bright:
    appeared in one episode
  13. Deka Gold:
    appeared briefly in the movie
  14. Aka Red:
    no team, appeared in 30th anniversary special
    The rumor with AkaRed was
    A Space Emprie invades the Earth. AkaRed leads the 34 Legendary Super Sentai against them, and they are able to push back the empire, by concentrating and combining their powers. However, there is a catch, by concentrating their powers, the rangers loose their powers. The Space Empire returns, and begins its invasion again. Captain Marvelous then appears, who leads a team known as the Go-Kaiger to Earth in search of treasure, known as the "Ranger Keys".

  15. Zuuban:
    didn't look like the others and had no human form
  16. Rio:
    mainly a villain; had toy
  17. Mele:
    mainly villainess, had no toy in Japan
  18. Female Shinken Red:
    appeared in few episodes, costume like another; will have toy
  19. Gosei Green:
    appeared briefly in one episode, no helmet seen yet

  20. Goukaiger as part of the 200:
    it is said past 200 heroes
  21. Replacement Rangers:
    (Kiranger, Miss America, Battle Cossack, Vul Eagle, Yellow Four)
  22. Bio Hunter Silve, mainly a villain
  23. Titanium Ranger, from Power Rangers; never appeared in Sentai
Pick Ten because...

The main ones only make 185, we need at least 15.


The_Doctor said...

1. Mask X-1
2. VRV Master
3. Bull Black
4. Demon Hunter Sieg
5. Aka Red
6. Mele
7. Rio
8. Female Shinken Red
9. Titanium Ranger (It would be nice anyway lol)

Jonathan said...

I picked everyone but Bio Hunter Silver, who was a villain, AbareMax, who was a power-up for AbareRed, and Titanium Ranger, who's famous for the express reason for not coming from Sentai. I consider the rest Warriors, if they're not traditional. Actually, most of them I count as traditional Warriors, just not in 30-50 like the main Warriors.

Lavender Ranger said...

I am so surprised so many Sentai fans are embracing the Titanium Ranger, but I think since Super Sentai has so many series to go through and so many Heroes already, they might not bring the Titanium Ranger. They didn't mention him or the Power Rangers in the 30th anniversary. But stranger things have happened.

James Spiring said...

Since the Goukaigers can actually become the past rangers, what would a sixth ranger do when half the series didn't have sixths? Sun Vulcan certainly needs two or three new rangers, else green and pink won't have a Sun Vulcan transformation, and it wouldn't surprise me to see new sixth warriors made for other series. For GoGoV and Gekiranger, they can just bring over a suit from Power Rangers.

Lavender Ranger said...

For the sixth Ranger James, I suppose they will do the teams of 5 before he appears. Or he will become another sixth ranger that hadn't been covered yet.

And as for Sun Vulcan, maybe pink and green are kidnapped or incapitated in some way.