Monday, December 6, 2010

Speculations: Goukaiger traveling through all 34 Sentai

Here are some speculations and my own interpretations and guesses to what the Go-kaiger series will entail based on past habits of Toei and Bandai.
MagiDragon, PatStriker, and Gao Lion are set to be auxiliary mecha to go with the main mecha GoukaiOh in February, March and April, so maybe they will meet the Magiranger, Dekaranger and Gaoranger. The Ranger Keys rumored to be released first are GaoRed, VulEagle, and MagiRed, GekiRed so maybe they meet the Sun Vulcan and Gekiranger as well.

It is confirmed that the Go-kaiger will indeed transform into past Sentai, so many are wondering what will Toei do with the 5-person team of Go-kaiger and 3-person team such as Sun Vulcan, where other Sentai that started with 3 ended with 5 or more (like Liveman, Hurricanger, Abaranger, Gekiranger and Go-Onger). My guess to Sun Vulcan (which only has Red, Blue, and Yellow), is that either they will create Pink and Green members (like many fans hope for), or they will make a story in which Pink and Green are kidnapped or incapacitated in some way (which is a most likely scenario for me).

Fans also would want to know about the Sixth Rangers, like those 18 odd teams without a sixth ranger, what will the sixth Go-kaiger do. My guess is that Toei might do most of the early teams first before the sixth Go-kaiger comes along. But from the toy lists that have been released, it looks like they will be covering Gaoranger, Dekaranger, and Magiranger that have sixth rangers. So maybe they will display the main 5 of Gao, Deka and Magi and skip the sixth Rangers and then when the sixth Go-kaiger comes along, and the team becomes a non 6-ranger team, the sixth Go-kaiger will become a sixth like DekaBreak, DekaMaster, MagiShine, and GaoSilver.

As for American-exclusive Rangers such as the Titanium Ranger and the Spirit Rangers, many fans are hoping they will fill in the gaps of no sixth with these Rangers. Stranger things have happened, but I personally believe that with 34 teams and what Toei claims is 200 heroes, I doubt Toei will add more Rangers, but Kamen Rider Decade did add like 3 more Kamen Riders into the mythology of past series (Kivara to Kiva, Amaki to Hibiki and Abyss to Ryuki). So in conclusion, seeing by habits of Toei, most past Sentai will be in random order, we might get the Go-kaiger turning into random Rangers at random times.

And I am hoping that the one rumor I heard about (there being seven Rangers in order to go along with 7 Seas of the Earth) comes true. Because there are female minor Rangers out there (DekaSwan, DekaBright, DekaGold, MagiMother, Go-On Silver, Shinken Red) and most likely the sixth Go-kaiger will be male, and least likely he will become one of them as there is male sixth rangers in the teams that there are those female ones. So, it would be cool for there to be a seventh Go-kaiger that transforms into those women, and maybe White Racer and Shiro Bara Kamen (White Rose Mask of Sun Vulcan). Maybe they aren't enough Rangers, as there is only like 5 or 6 and I thought with Kamen Rider Decade, there would be a new female Rider representing the female Kamen Riders, but we got Amaki and Kivara, but they didn't represent past females, and the only acknowledgment to it was a short web video (which didn't mention them all).

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