Saturday, November 15, 2014

Villains Week: Actors that played Good and Bad

I have commented on actors who played different roles but here are villains or lackies that the actors also played good guys, allies or mentors.

Carol Hoyt portrayed the Turbo Ranger's mentor Dimitria and Divatox for the first half of Turbo. When Hilary Turner returned, she remained as Dimitria for Turbo.

Grant McFarlane portrayed adult Sensei (as another actor played the twins at a younger age), provided the voice of Sensei as a guinea pig and Lothor.

Katrine Devine first portrayed Marah in Ninja Storm and then Cassidy in Dino Thunder, she portrayed both in the teamup episodes. 

 Mesogog/Anton Mercer
Latham Gaines portrayed Dr. Anton Mercer and put on the costume for Mesogog. I thought it was a suit actor but word is he did.

 Emperor Grumm/Mentor Jii
Rene Naufahu played Emperor Grumm in SPD (we saw his human form once played by himself) and later on played Mentor Jii in Samurai.

Holly Shanahan
Holly Shanahan played LeeLee in Mystic Force and Camile in Jungle Fury. Even though I consider LeeLee a molly-ambigious character, Camile was a villain and LeeLee did end up being good at the end. So I suppose she counts.

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