Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Villains Week: Goldar Merchandise

I've covered Rita and Lord Zedd, I realized I haven't covered Goldar, probably because there is so much. More than Lord Zedd even.

UPDATED 10/12/15

8 inch Evil Space Aliens (1993)
Goldar came with no sword but very durable, I still have it and my nephew plays with it and barely any paint has pealed off.

Micro Machines (1993)
They had Goldar with Dragonzord and his height.

5.5" Sword Slashing Goldar (1994)
This figure came with a gold sword.
 Goldar figurine (1993)

Goldar Giant Flip-Up Book (1994)

Goldar Stamp (1994)

Goldar Plushie (1994)

 Goldar (1996)
He was released during Zeo wth hold sword.
 Goldar (2010)
Came with gold sword and removable wings.

Mighty Morphin Game
It was for Sega Genesis and other platforms.

Other MMPR games Goldar appeared in

Super Legends (2006)
He appeared in the Super Legends game.

Also the Power Rangers Legends iPad game, where they use his voice!

 Power Punch Out Game
Megazord and Goldar were a punch robot game, they also had Lord Zedd and White Ranger.

 He was in endless merchandise like this board game above I used to have, he was also in those McDonalds pogs, endless trading cards, the spin Bandai things and in Nickelodeon.com games like Power Rangers Forever Red.
Goldar Loyal Subjects
Loyal Subjects Metallic Red Ranger vs Goldar SDCC 2015 Exclusive

Translucent Goldar Loyal Subjects
With Rita and Lord Zedd SDCC 2015 Exclusive

Imaginext Goldar with Rita
Goldar is as big as the zords and the Tyranno Zord.

Goldar and Lord Zedd figs
Spotted in stores as of October 2015

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Unknown said...

Wow, he looks really cool! The more I look at the MMPR villains, the more they remind me of Babylonian mythology. Rita is like Ereshkigal, and Goldar is like Nergal.