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Sailor Moon Crystal - Act 10: Moon - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Luna tells them to prepare to go to the moon. Ami talks about the Scientifics. Rei wonders how they will get to the moon. Minako says she'll explain it later. Ami is happy Usagi is feeling better. At night, Usagi looks at the moon out the window. Her feelings getting stronger, she wants to know about her previous life and save Mamoru. At her house, Usagi welcomes her dad home. She was about to get a donut but he gives her a gift, the Silver Crystal with a chain. They ask if a special boy gave it to her, she says yes. She then fights over a game with Shingo.
Her dad says she is becoming a woman and she will leave them. Her mom doesn't agree. Under Moon Phase 15, the five stand by a fountain. Usagi remembers talking to Mamoru near there. She looks at the broke watch, they promised to trade their handkerchief and watch. Luna's emblem glows and the fountain glows. The five enter the fountain and transform. They hold hands and do the Sailor Teleport (unnamed).
They open their eyes and they are in a shield bubble floating over the Earth heading to the Moon. Luna says they are landing on the Sea of Serenity. They surprisingly can breathe on the Moon. They spot the ruins of the Silver Millennium. They spot the Legendary Sword. Jupiter tries pulling it out to no avail. Mars and Mercury try and it budges. Venus says to leave it to her. She tries pulling out and it finally gives. Blue energy comes out. A voice speaks to the four Guardians, that the sword belongs to them. She thanks Luna. She is Queen Serenity. She says even though she perished, her will has remained thanks to the Points System of the Moon Castle.
She sent Luna and Artemis through suspended animation to Earth and she was waiting for this moment. She explains Serenity used to go to the Earth for the greens. She found love with Endymion. The Moon Castle appears to them. She would sneak to Earth and the four Guardians would catch her. Venus said it was their happiest days. Their mission was to protect the Silver Crystal. A variant create nvaded Earth, it was pure evil, they wanted the crystal. They brainwashed Earthlings to get the crystal but Endymion kept his sanity and fought against them. He was stabbed in place of Princess Serenity. She committed suicide with a sword, laying on top of Endymion. Queen Serenity sealed Metallia with the crystal, the Silver Millennium turn to Stone. The country on Earth died out and the history started again.
The evil has been revived. She tells the Princess is the only one to use the true power. Venus tells the Queen that something was drawn into Endymion's body. Moon shows her the crystal. She says her strong wish to save him caused it to happen. He's alive. Usagi is happy and nods. The power depends on her, be proud of being princess and Sailor Moon. She is a human and the true meaning of their rebirth. The four guardians are to protect Moon. Her transmission fades. Luna says to go back home. Moon wants to know the true reason of their rebirth.  
Queen Beryl walks down to Metallia, the Shittenou watch. Kunzite has them follow him. They spot their true ruler. They ask about the symbol on her head. Beryl thinks the crystal banished. Metallia wants to get rid of Endymion. Beryl still wants to use Tuxedo Mask. Metallia says they need more energy. Beryl must do it before the Shittenou regain their true memories. As they hear this, crystals glow on their foreheads. Tehy get a flashback of them saying their names and that they are knights of things, that they will protect Endymion, who counted on them. They were born to Earth to find their master. Beryl says they remember it. They ask if they were used. She said yes. Kunzite tries attacking but she electrcotes them, saying she still needs them. Their crystals turn dark and Beryl brainwashes them to get rid of Serenity. Back at Command Center, they find that Dark Kingdom is underground. The computers go nuts. They find Tokyo has turned to ice. The five Senshi face the Shittenou, they are turning Tokyo into the north pole. Kunzite wants the crystal.  
Kunzite attacks, the Senshi protect Moon. Mars fights Jaedite, Mercury fights Zoisite, Jupiter fights Nephrite and Kunzite fights Venus. Venus tries to reason with Kunzite. She tells them tha tthe Shittenou are not their enemies, that they were the brave knights who served Endymion. They get a flashback of standing before the Knights, they followed Serenity to the Earth and fell in love. They remember and refuse to fight, the brainwashed Shittenou attack them and Moon defends them, after Beryl says they are under her control. She does her speech. Kunzite syas he'll kill her first. Moon takes out her Moon Stick and flies out of the area and does the Healing Escalation, all of Tokyo is healed. Venus says they fight for the princess. They all do speeches. They call their powers and do the Sailor Planet Attack on the four Shittenou. Venus calls them to wake up. Kunzite teleports them out. Mercury says they were close. Moon floats down to Earth with the bubble. Meanwhile, Beryl implores Metallia for power to wake up Mamoru. She grabs his face and says he is under her control now. She tells him to kill Usagi and take the crystal. Later at Crown Arcade, he appears with red eyes.
Episode Review:

 a GREAT episode. This answers so many questions that plagued me since the DiC dub. If Earth had a kingdom, where in history did it exist, and this places it before our history, that Metallia's influence, just made the kingdom be forgotten. Also, that the Shittenou remain alive for the Senshi to pin over them and try to heal them. Moon sure shows she is strong. I am not sure how I feel about her having her dad put the crystal with a chain. So now it looks like Mamoru will be Endou. Next weeks episode is called Endymion. I like that we saw the Earth kingdom and different things like that.


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